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One night I'd run around the dorm and I'd be depressed looking for answers Suddenly someone grabbed my shoulder and spoke to me:
- You okay? - yeah You look so sad - her voice sounded sincere and her eyes reflected concern
- I'm disappointed in some of my friends I'll get over what happened I tried to get rid of it quickly I was in no mood to flirt
- Listen Come into my room and pour your heart out You can tell a stranger everything I don't know who to tell Trust me you'll feel better afterwards What did I lose? Ten minutes later I was very enthusiastic about what had happened and I really felt better After I finished my long monologue he sat next to me and put his arm around me
- You know I believe in the peacefulness of sex- he whispered in a strange tone
- You misunderstood Esther is a girl and she has a boyfriend I don't think this is the way we're supposed to make up
He had a big smile on his face and he leaned very close:
- You little fool I'm comforting you My insides began to tremble and he closed his eyes and drew his lips close to my lips I pulled my head back and used the last lifeline:
- I don't even know your name - I spit it out
- I'm Adam He kissed me There was no turning back now and I didn't want there to be He was a very good kisser passionate and attentively We tasted each other's lips for a long time caressed my tongue Suddenly he stood up and locked the door turned off the lights only the TV screen provided some romantic atmosphere We slowly took each other's clothes off tasted the exposed landscapes He just took my hand:
- No no no no It's your comfort that's important right now and I'm free I've never seen anything like it so I took my chances
I only listened to myself and I was surprised because he could read my mind She covered every inch of my body with sweet little kisses watching me shudder to the beauty and there she lingered long and returned When he touched my kitty the world started to spin with me He literally kissed her sucked on my clitoris like a candy enjoyed licking my labia and penetrated deeply deeply with his tongue I came several times and then I sat in his arms for hours and he wouldn't stop caressing me That night I asked him not to make love to me Maybe it was his girlfriend maybe someone else We agreed that we could do this again and even add to it


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