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I sat in the car in my mind Everyone was laughing at meI was the only one holding back I kept asking myself "why the hell did I have to agree to go to some Carnival ball instead of one of the girls that's being held at the end of the world in a castle hotel?" Mark was offended because we had a different plan for the weekend I promised him a reward
It was very late in the evening when we arrived - we were all very tired and we wished only for our beds but we did not expect that things would not turn out exactly as we had imagined We were two girls and instead of asking for a room we got two single beds After a few arguments we decided it didn't matter because the price was the same I didn't ask for dinner I just wanted to get some rest I threw everything off and went to the bathroom I got into the bath and fell asleep I woke up and there was someone in my room and my water was getting cold
I jumped out of the tub fast wrapped a towel around me and armed with my hairdryer I jumped out of the bathroom
I was shocked by the sight You were lying in my bed - you were half asleep; you looked exhausted from something
I shook you gently and all of a sudden you didn't know where you were and who I was That wasn't incredible I asked you to leave my room and you told me that wasn't really possible because this is your room After a while it turned out that the same room was rented to me by mistake I had a bit of a nervous breakdown because not only did I not want to come I got a really good start this weekend I ran down (as I was in a towel) to the front desk and I beat the crap out of it At the expense of a great circus I got the room next to you; by that time you'd already trod off and watched my towel performance with a big smile That's when I realized what I was actually wearing I tried to look calm but inside I was boiling like a volcano
You helped me get through but I was so angry I didn't even press a thank-you out of myself I practically pushed you out the door and I fell into my bed
I got up very grumpy this morning and the others wouldn't even talk to me and of course no one knew what happened last night I gave a broad outline of the situation but it seemed more comical to them than depressing I mean I laughed about it but it was worse
During the day we visited the sights of the area and took a long trip to the nearby lake After that we took another walk in the forest of the castle but we did not venture too far for the ball began at night I didn't feel like dressing up for anything but they said it was mandatory
I went up to my room and I was still thinking about what happened last night I was so preoccupied I bumped into someone I didn't even look up I just quietly apologized and went on I realized it when you grabbed my arm and pulled me back a little bit You smiled and asked me if I was over my night adventure and if there's anything you can do to help I'd be happy to knock on the door I agreed to everythingjust let me get out of here I was running towards my room It crossed my mind that I was just gonna pack up and go home No matter what-just get out of here
I finally got my act together and dressed up as a belly dancer I was the most surprised to find out how well the design went and that it was a really tailored costume For the first time in my life I felt my own vibe
I knocked on the other girl's door helped her with the finishing touches Soon after the boys came for us I opened the door and I found myself with astonished expressions I was scared that my costume might not fit but it turned out to be the opposite - so I had a good idea
Suddenly I was in a really good mood I was in a real party mood and of course I had this "real Twilight"thing going on The Clown the jokester the intoxicating and seductive -- in short I was myself
We came first but we didn't mind We'd take our table and we'd fool around all the time Oddly enough it occurred to me sometimes whether or not you would attend a ball and if so what costume you would wear and if we would dance together what style should I use against you and a thousand more stupid things flashed in my head but I quickly dismissed it saying " as it will be" Maybe not at all
The ball was in full swing We barely fit in the room I was dancing with a" waiter " when you and a Comte-maid passed by your side as a pirate on the other side of the room You smiled at me in passing and it was like you were trying to say something but your partner hugged you jealous and dragged you away()


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