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It was four years agoI was in the second grade of high school The boys looked at me around that time which of course felt good but it never got any more serious A little kissing a little caressing whatever it is but that's it I have to point out from the start that I've been driving 3 - 4 since I was a freshman Grade school boys I just didn't get excited about them When I mention that I'm 5 '10" I'm 52 pounds blond hair and blue eyes and I think I understand the boys ' irritability
So Saturday we were going to a house party and one of our classmates was having a name Day party The company? Four or five girls the same age and the boys mixed about the same age from school The party was off to a good start the birthday girl's parents weren't home so everything was available for a good shindig Needless to say the boys took care of the drink there was beer wine whiskey all that was to be said I've never had much to drink and I've only consumed it in moderation but the mood has risen wonderfully As time went on the couples started forming and I was taken under his wing by a fourth-grader He was six-foot-tall light brown blue eyes muscular kid one of the school's great male students Gábor We didn't realize at the time that one of his classmates had been whispering in silence all night only later it turned out that I was the subject of the speech
We were dancing clenching together and I could feel that this was different than ever before He stroked my hair with gentle movements then it was my neck and back When he felt I wasn't pulling away he kissed me slowly Although I didn't kiss many boys before I quickly realized that he was very skilled He was a really good kisser We made out ignoring the others and then headed almost at the same time towards the adjoining bedroom I wasn't sure what I wanted at the time I just felt like more than a kiss or two
As we entered the room we found an inviting double bed The door was quietly closed but he didn't realize Gabi wasn't locking it We kept kissingand then we started getting naked I was wearing a mini dress no tights and underneath sexy black lace panties His broad shoulders were covered with a Suk T-shirt and his jeans weren't bo We caressed each other and then I slowly brushed the T-shirt off I saw a muscular upper body which seemed darker in the dim light though I had already noticed that it was going to a tanning bed It was tough and very masculine By then I felt that I was lost?Œ
His jeans were kept by a wide Vine in the kello place Oh?I kissed her chest and belly down and then looking deeply into her eyes I undid the belt I pulled the zipper down so slowly it took him almost hours to pop out his underwear I mean would it just pop out?? because he wasn't wearing anything under his pants Before my eyes a few strands of curled hair?He then gently drew me to him again and slipped his hand under my dress He had a man's touch and a hot Palm He lifted my almost weightless dress off me and it was clear that he could hardly contain himself lest he immediately burst my breasts()


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