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The girl and the boy went down the street They didn't know that their fate would lead them in each other's path It was a beautiful day in the early years the sun was shining well but it wasn't very warm yet The Lán was walking aimlessly unable to deal with himself or his time He'd just walk around and stop at a window admire the finer clothes He stopped in front of a lingerie store In fact she was very fond of pretty and exciting lingerie only had one problem no one to wear it to Not anymore she remembered when she was with a man Somehow he lost his memory and he knew that the reason for that was because he'd never been with a real man He had connections people like that some of whom he could spend more time with but some of whom he only hooked up with specifically for sex But he never got what he wanted Desire has long tormented his lap The girl was shy and quite shy even though there was nothing in her appearance to justify it He would never have been able to walk down the street and talk to a man Not just because of his inhibitions but because of his upbringing Now he's standing in front of the lingerie store looking at the prettier bras and panties In this respect he was not modern he had never put on a thong but he could not imagine wearing panties that would not cover his butt But the way he thought about these things he started to feel this tingling in his body Do you know what caused this perhaps the warm weather or your thoughts? He didn't know it himself Yet something moved his legs and went into the shop There he met some very nice sales Girls which made him very relieved because he could easily tell them why he went in He said his wish with a stutter and a trembling voice but the girls there were very kind and helpful After a short while and after some effort they finally found her a piece that was very hot sexy and she could accept it His heart was beating and he jumped out of his seat Suddenly he asked if there was any way he could pick her up and leave As he said it he was scared of himself but it was too late to take it back So she went out in her new underwear and breasttrato He continued his walk Just as he walked without any purpose he didn't know where he was going
Meanwhile the boy just kept going He walked the streets aimlessly He had a problem He wasn't shy or inhibited But he just ended a relationship that started out to be very serious but unfortunately the chain in bed was zero They fought a lot about it he wanted more he wanted her to let him have more but she was a prude Eventually with all the fighting the failures and the failures their relationship ended The breakup was a mutual decision but the boy was in a lot of pain So he walked the cobblestone road with his head down He stops in the middle of one of the bridges looking at the water of the rushing river He held up the railing and thought " I'm dead my life is in ruins why am I alive?" He started climbing up the railing with the intention of jumping
That's when she got to the middle of the bridge He shouted at the boy: no The boy did not bother he just climbed up his decision was irrevocable The girl shouted again " don't do it" The boy looked sideways and saw the girl Then he turned his head nothing special thought neither beautiful nor ugly She came running towards him He shouted again " No please don't" And he put his hand out and he took the boy's hand The boy looked at her again now straight into her eyes The touch of the girl and the life from her eyes bewitched her almost hypnotized her He climbed down the railing unconscious and as if he were drunk or stunned he went hand in hand with the girl Later when he thought about it he didn't know why he was doing it he could never explain it He just went after her and she was dragging him He didn't know where they were going he just kept going Then more familiar and familiar houses appeared The boy's Daze was dropping and he began to wake up from this strange dream but strangely enough he did not want to let go of her hand let himself Drive on The environment was getting more familiar and he suddenly realized that he lived here That house across the street He would have pulled the girl after him but for some inexplicable reason he went that way How can you know? the boy asked himself There's no way he's here She was purposefully walking towards the house where he lived He didn't know the boy lived therehe'd never seen him Neither did the boy In their bodies there were strange feelings and the boy and the girl involuntarily drew closer as they approached the door The boy had regained consciousness but somehow the whole thing was so dreamy he couldn't believe it He didn't believe his role he couldn't think and even though he wasn't stunned anymore he acted like a robot()


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