Training Day

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My name is Gina 22 5 '5" 46kg girl My partner and I just moved into our own home His name is Rob he's 28 he's about 5 '10" and he weighs roughly 60 to 62 kg
One weekend we went out with a friend who brought a relative who Rob already did and I didn't know him at all Her name was Adele and she was 22 We walked to the clubhouse and on the way I became quite friendly with Adele who brought a little wine to help After a good 20-minute walk we reached our destination
We walked into the place and we went to the bar to get a drink to get into the party We talked we drank we danced we had a good time Adele and I talked a lot and in the meantime all of us were killing our liquor and Rob got drunk
While we were dancing we kind of got into the whole three-way sex thing So I asked him if he'd like to try it if I could convince Adele to marry him  Now that offended my vanity and I took action
It wasn't hard at alla few minutes later I was kissing Adele Then I gave Rob a sit-rep who either didn't believe me or he just didn't want to stay out of the good stuff and he said he'd only believe me if Adele kissed him too So I took him out where to his surprise Adele kissed him too
From there there was no doubt And needless to say no stopping We said Good-bye to our acquaintance and now three of us began our journey home from alcohol and curiosity
It didn't take 15 minuteswe were already in the door We took off our coats in confusion To ease the tension I asked Adele if she wanted to take a shower while I winked at her He picked up the signal and headed for the bathroom Soon we heard he was going to let the water in and the shower door was closing I ran out to get towels then I took off my clothes and I hid with Rob as I whispered in his ear:
- Come after me in a few minutes and all your wishes will come true so I went after Adele in the bathroom
I put the towels down inside and hid in the shower with Adele Adele seemed surprised but excited I put a shower gel in my hand and started giving him a bath He returned the favor
After a minute or two our tongues were at war and our hands were on each other's bodies for exploration That's when I heard the door open; Rob took my advice A few seconds later she joined us naked in the shower The shock seemed to him but at the same time the fire in his eyes was burning with desire as he saw two women in front of him soaking wet
I don't know what was going on in him at the time but within a short time he gave me a clear indication that he was aroused by the sight
- Come wash the shower gel off us - I told him; no objections of course
He enjoyed caressing our bodies as he breathed more and more
Then I turned off the Tap opened the shower stall reached for a towel but I didn't dry it I just wrapped it around myself I kissed Adele on the mouth first then a Robot and I took the road to the bedroom They followed me immediately
After the three of us were in the room I threw the towel on the floor
 I think we should enjoy each other's company
They got rid of their towels and followed me to bed I got the condom out of the nightstand I lay on my back Adele next to me and we started kissing Rob spent minutes enjoying the view and then pretending to be disappointed asked:
- And you're leaving me out?
Adele dragged him to us His mouth clung to mine as his hand began to discover Adele's body All three of us had goosebumps and our skin was still wet but it didn't bother us We were sinking deeper and deeper into the swamp of pleasure and that was all that mattered
I took care of the manliness of my partner which was full of lust as I urged him to taste Adele with a little suspicion he looked at me but after I nodded he calmed down and complied with my request
Adele moaned as Rob's tongue excites her clitoris sometimes entwined in her moist pussy I played with Rob's dick sucked licked bit One time Adele was strained and there was a voluptuous scream that was the result of my partner's tongue-playing
Now it's my turn Rob had his fingers in the tight opening he knew well and I was the one who tasted Adele He was surprised but he didn't push away and a few seconds later he started moaning again which promised good Rob fingered me I licked him and Adele got back on top
Now Rob's ordering him:
- Now return the favor to Gina - he said with a smile
The sight of him made him even more fired for his masculinity in my hands was even greater I was afraid he wouldn't last much longer but I didn't care Adele's tongue was a little awkward but she was a real turn-on and I was re-treating Rob's Dick who was moaning with lust


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