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The park was in a good mood The laughter of children making out mixed with the conversation of older people the louder voices of teenagers and the giggling and the whispering of lovers The latter was the last thing we could hear of course since even the trees helped hide their secrets by whispering As if they were encouraging the breeze to dance more vigorously to stir up the feathers of birds and to make them chat even more merrily A thousand different kinds of greenery of leaves bathed in the sunlight made the magic complete and it felt like a person could fall into it and absorb the sight sounds smells until the end of the world
On one of the benches in front of the Bush a lady was resting with her head turned back a little and with her eyes closed enjoying the sunlight passing through the canopy above her His features were smooth and he seemed to sit in perfect peace But his brain was feverish He tried to reassure himself that it would be all right but he could hardly believe it and he was afraid that his inner tremor was already visible from the outside Because what if he loses it if his" disability " scares him away his last hope? Big words of course but that's how he felt because there was a good chance that his testimony that night would break the spell so far He knew it had to happen from the beginning but if he didn't accept it he might not dare try it on anyone else So far too much bad experience
Is it such a big deal that he can't have an orgasm? 'she thought' she wished it and she enjoyed sex (most of the time) and took care of all three of her partners to satisfy the man's needs and yet somehow it always came between them' She and her first boyfriend found each other when she was 17 and she was eager to pretend how good she was at what he was doing He thought that he would succeed later and that not every act would take so short a time As the weeks went by he realized his mistake and after a particularly bad lovemaking he was disappointed and told the truth to the guy who reacted very badly He gave her a hard time and in the end he felt that he had committed a greater crime against his partner than if he had cheated on her He'll never forget that night The boy was desperate to prove himself and suddenly he fell on his back nestled himself between his legs and licked his clitoris rubbed his vagina and made it painful and begged him to stop After that their relationship didn't last long
For a long time he didn't dare approach anyone but he read books about sexuality and tried to create those certain pleasures for himself Sometimes he felt he was close: his body and soul trembled in the good his hands dripping down to his wrists his body bathing in sweat and then either he had a cramp in his thigh or he had a sudden end It was as if he had lost something disappointed and sometimes fell into the bed in tears waiting for his heart to stop beating
He met Nandi at the University and two years later he met Andris in a group of friends It was the same with both of them Until they went to bed everything was great From the beginning Bori was honest As the word went on about sex he told me that he couldn't have orgasms even though he wanted sex They both seemed to accept it and tried to change it but it broke them down and after a while they began to lose interest and in both breakups she felt she was losing her love again because of the lack of it
And Peter burst into his life A wonderful honest man someone you could really imagine your life with They've been seeing each other for a few weeks and so far nothing's wrong He didn't immediately attack her with his problem wait to see if they ever got to the point where it was a problem
A little smile ran through his face and it made his soft features more beautiful thinking of their walks conversations chess battles Time flies by And her kiss"he simply felt that he had come home and would rather take intravenous feeding than have to break his mouth He could feel it getting wet down there but he refused to go on because he was afraid I mean she's wanted sex before but that doesn't mean she's gonna have an orgasm And it seems to be important to men The people you've known at least have experienced their own failure and she's getting more and more terrified of having an intimate relationship with someone But how will he ever have a family a child?
Bori leaned forward and buried his face in his hand You've set a date for this evening at Pete's apartment both of you are longing for the other's body and there's really no reason to avert your advances And he doesn't really want to he just doesn't know what to do What's the solution? If you tell me sooner or later you'll lose him if you don't and it turns out (because this man is more experienced than his former friends and how could he know if he's playing it right) then it's even more trouble lying for a lifetime Oh this is not gonna work


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