Gimme A Load

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Chapter 1
John knew there had to be some way to take advantage of the fact that Kelly her twin sister had already lost her virginity and that she was getting laid on a regular basis They were only 18 years old but John had learned enough from his father to always find a way to benefit from a particular situation That's what happens when you're a stockbroker's father The fact that she had always had a crush on her sister only made it a little harder His father always told him that business is business and friendship is friendship and the two can't get in the way of each other if we want to succeed in both And after his father made millions of dollars John knew that his father knew what he was talking about
Then there was Kelly John not only loved his sister but he was in love with her For her there was no more beautiful girl in the world except maybe their mother Karin Kelly was 5 ' 6 " and weighed 60 kg She had long curly red hair and it was right in the middle of her back and her green eyes were always glowing Her figure had grown quite well over the last year and she knew through her clothes that she was wearing an 80C bra Sometimes you could see her nipples drilled through the T-shirt when she wasn't wearing a bra
John was 6 '2" weighing in at about 180 pounds He liked to play sports and he kept looking at his muscles in the mirror not wanting to believe that he was getting more and more muscular His father Jason Redson was the perfect role model for success: height 6 '2" dark hair blue eyes John always thought his father should have been a movie star instead of a broker His mother and Kelly looked like two eggs and John knew he was born into a lucky family and he was meant to take advantage of that That's what capital is for as your father used to say If you're not going to use it why do you have it?
He was obliged to take advantage of the opportunity thinking to himself as he massaged his tail with his right hand thinking of his cute little twin brother Kelly He smiled as he looked at his six - inch cock in his hand and wondered if any of the three boys who had fucked Kelly had that kind of Dick Kelly doesn't even have a steady boyfriend His disappointment was brought to an end by the contraction of his balls followed by the release of a large amount of sperm that splashed on the floor next to his bed After enjoying himself he stood up and decided to find a solution to his great dilemma before he went mad
While John was dressing in his room Kelly was waking up in the next room He kicked the blanket off himself and then he stretched out as he smiled and thought of the night before Biff Wilson fucked and licked her so many orgasms she felt like she was going to explode with joy Instead Biff finally lost it and he couldn't do any more and Kelly wanted more and more
He could feel his nipples harden and his pussy wet as they were in his head God she loved sex He'd only lost his virginity a few months ago but he thought about sex almost all the time His hands migrated to his breasts grasping them and his fingers automatically found his bulging nipples to tug and pinch them One of his hands then slipped between his legs where he felt the warm moisture and one of his fingers began to gently rub his already swollen clitoris He forced himself to stop knowing he could lie here all day playing with himself It was Saturday and the whole weekend was before that
Standing up he took the tip of his finger in his mouth and sucking gently tasted his own SAP He quickly realized he loved sucking cock especially the one that had been inside him before and he was covered in his own pussy She knew very well why the guys who fucked her liked to kiss her ass If he could bend over he'd probably lick himself thinking Kelly grinning But what are you going to wear today? Anyway he didn't have any ideas for today so he thought he'd just hang out in the house maybe sunbathe or maybe watch TV
I wonder what John is doing today thinking with a smile on his face when he thought of his amazing twin brother He knew every girl in school would get wet when he saw John He had no idea of this he thought shaking his head in Wonder She could get more pussy than anyone Kelly ever knew if she tried He knew he was interested in girls he caught his eye staring at her when she wasn't wearing a bra under a tight T-shirt He was sure he'd seen more than one bulge in his pants
Maybe I'll hang out with John for a while poke around a little bit about what he wants and Kelly thought while he put on a belly shirt She barely covered her breasts and her nipples pressed against the fabric made it clear she wasn't wearing a bra He also wore shorts that didn't have panties under them He liked it when the thick seam rubbed his clitoris a little bit every step()


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