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This is also an extended multi-player writing It presents an idealized Society for foot worshippers
The first character is an older lady friend of mine who I've never had an erotic relationship with but I see her on a daily basis so I know her legs well The big employee of the institute is impersonating a girl who I actually had the opportunity to tie up and fetishize I saw the big lady in a store and I didn't forget The 16-year-old girl is a familiar 20-year-old girl and the young surly girl is a friend The guilty nurse the same model as the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law Timi The thieving woman is an acquaintance of mine in the neighborhood the old spinster and a single woman at work who I also often see her toes and feet
And I fit almost all men's roles: -)
In the huge Hall of the building there were long lines in front of countless windows The women who had been called to the appointed time were obediently waiting to receive their call-up number and the floor and room number of the place of execution on the same day
The lines were moving surprisingly quickly but more newcomers both young and middle-aged continued to arrive at the end Since there were only two such institutions in the country and every woman who did not fall into the acquittal had to appear here twice a year she had to serve thousands of delinquents every day The reception lasted from 6: 00 am to 19: 00 pm but as a person averaged 5 hours the last ones left almost midnight
The first summons is from the 16th when they reached the age of 55 the girls got the last one on their birthday So if someone shows up twice each year it's about 80 times but there were only so few of them because they were served only by those who were unemployed single childless or whose children had reached the age of 18years Compliance with any of these conditions has resulted in the posting of the summons Of course participation could be triggered by money but the amount was so significant that only a few people could use it
The faces of those in line were filled with agitation fear and impotent humility No one was in the mood to talk but a little noise of the crowd and a knock of a shoe Behind the windows blacked out in the gallery above the hall most of the visitors looked at the many women standing below and looked to see if any of them were already among them the one they came to They were waiting for the same room number that their female friend downstairs would get so they could go two different ways but to the same room door They were not as quiet as those in the hall and they laughed and talked very loudly They made insulting and praising remarks to the women waiting in the semi-border They enjoyed their superior position that they knew nothing of their existence and they were free to look among them There were groups of a few people because there were more than one lady of course there were men who were anxious to wait alone They were silent in their search for visitors who were not in good spirits From the loud groups there was a joyous exhilaration when they were able to discover their in-line victim At that time the lady was immediately mentioned and they began to anecdote about a person worthy of a better fate or pointed to a pretty specimen that she would be happy to have her room number or exchange it
A 20-year-old boy was looking through the smoke glass He wasn't waiting for a room numberhe was waiting for someone to call him She knew the room numberbecause a friend of hers who works here helped us figure out that the woman whose name she gave her when she got a subpoena and arranged for the victim to be transferred to her so she could get it to her for viewing without any trouble There were so many service windows in the hall that no matter how much he looked he could not see the lady he was looking for but he could have arrived in the meantime because the number 3119 already received from his friend appeared on the display next to his number So he knew how to run It crossed your mind that you're both on your way to the same door 3 upstairs to 119 She was thrilled to know that she had no idea that she was going to have an audience today and she probably had no idea who she was and she probably had no idea that she was already pre-booked on which room she was going to have to go to But he was sure that she could not be as enthusiastic about the place as he was
The visitor corridor ran parallel to the summoned corridor This is the corridor where the torture chambers and the viewing rooms were opened If a guest arrived at the delikvens the visitors first took their seats behind the double-sided mirror and called upon the victim only afterwards so it could not know who the viewer was or if there was one()


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