Divided Love

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I would like to start by saying that I had my eye on him long before the incident that I had known Chabi for about six months since at that time he started dating my daughter We discuss a lot of things as mother and daughter but she asked for my opinion on her new boyfriend All I told him was that he seemed like a nice guy and when I met him the second time or the third time I felt something movequite a bit Of course I didn't tell my daughter that The thing is I was divorced about two years ago so as a middle-aged woman with an active hormone system and no regular sex life of course I've spotted all the good guys and I'm a bit of a daydream anywayMy family knows that too which is why I didn't go into detail how cute the guy she's ” bringing home" "at first I began to fantasize about him only in myself but after a short while I noticed that he was interested in me at least I am not entirely indifferent to him I have to add that having noticed this I did-I did a lot of torture for Chabi it was something that I was showing him in very thin transparent clothes and I used to wear a long T-shirt and a thong shirt at home which I used to wear in certain situations while I was buying cleaning cooking etc out and out I walked around in a robe which by the way is a mini in short as they say softened or hardened her One time I noticed that when my daughter waxes her legs and gets to a hard-to-reach place she asks her boyfriend to help I asked him to come over and help me when I knew it would just be the two of us At first he only helped me with my thighs from behind but the next time I went further and I had him remove my bikini line and even while he was doing it I was so "high" that I went to ask him to put lotion on my feet after I had waxed Under this shirt by the way I was also wearing a T-shirt and this time I was wearing a lace and very translucent thong I'm not hiding itI was pretty turned on by what he noticed as it turned out It was about 2 3 days after he had already initiated or made comments something like this that he would be happy to help next timein fact And I said:
- what does that even mean? and he said something like:
- I'll even kiss it good-bye if it hurts
 You didn't give me any I said
- I wasn't sure I was free The answer came
I didn't need any moreI started to besiege his libido even more clearly While I was taking a bath I called him in for this or that Put my hair up Help me wash my backthat sort of thing Of course I always timed it so we could just be alone at home Lucky for me I had plenty of time for this because he often stayed with us for four or five days in a row Of course I was happy about that but I was a little jealous of my daughter I used to peek in his room when they were together And sometimes for minutes I'd watch them make love through a door or a keyhole And one time when it was impossible to see properly I opened the door quietly myself so that I could see more I understand there were times when you noticed and even posed for me during sex Needless to say many times after that my little battery-operated "friend"showed up Then several times I went to him unsolicited while I was lucky he didn't take a bath he just liked to take a shower so in those cases I could see his whole body
That day however the situation was a little different because he was shaving himself and I offered to help him by saying that he would help me That was late enough for me to know that my daughter must be asleep Our conversation may be a little fuzzy but somehow it went down this way:
- I'm not interrupting can I come in?
- No no it's okaycome on
- Oh are you shaving? That's quite a sight
- You've seen me naked in the shower before
- You missed me too but I didn't see you that much because you weren't paying attention to him at the time
- You're wrong because I've never seen you with anything but your boobs but only because they were covered in foam
- Can I help you?
- I'm almost there thanks
- But next time you should let me I'm happy to helpyou help me too
- It's not the same thing I've never had to shave or wax you right there but you can help In fact I'd like to help you
- I know I answered and locked the door behind me


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