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We've known Christ for ten years
I'm 55 myself and my partner is five years younger than me But she's still a very good woman well-formed hard flesh and her breasts are still apple-shaped as we met twenty-and-a-half years ago
We moved here ten years ago to an outer district of the capital the suburbs Two of our kids had just started high school and now they're both out in Germany getting their second degree
Krista's about my age They live in the house next door to us She's short she's not fat she's not skinny She's got huge tits and I've always had my eye on her when I met her But what really gets me is her hair Thick hard wearing wire hair on his head If I'd fantasized about her sometimes I'd imagine her kneeling in front of me my dick in her mouth and I'd put my fingers in her hair I didn't think that was gonna happen
Krista raised three kids by herself They split up about five years ago her husband took off left her the house (which was nothing two stories plus a loft) and the three kids The kids are the same age as ours and we've seen them grow up like ours but they've stayed with their mother the whole time
Many mornings he'd go to work at the same time as me and when he'd pull his car out of the garage I'd stare at him for a long time as he'd open and close the gate I liked her body especially her huge breasts I don't know what he was working on but the truth is I looked at him with a lot of respect that he could handle the drive like that
Meanwhile the ex-husband showed up every once in a while and I noticed they had a normal relationship even though the guy was always accompanied by his new girlfriend a 30-year-old chick
That's how march came last year It was my birthday and we've been celebrating it for years by going with Eve my partner to S the big city in transdanubia and spending a weekend there at the big hotel The kids used to come with us but now they're not coming home
We walk around during the day have lunch at our favorite pub have dinner at the hotel restaurant this time of night
But now we were surprised: at one of the tables was Krista Yeah we talked to him right away Turns out she's with her kids but they went to a concert in Austria and they stay there until the next day
After dinner we went to the bar My partner was having a good time and he had his many martinis As we spoke it turned out to be Krista's birthday We had a good laugh we've known each other for almost ten years but we didn't know that
The bartender at the bar kept complimenting Krista He bought that my date was with me but he was paying attention to the single woman Of course I knew it wasn't for herI knew it was for her to eat as much as possible Of course my partner didn't see that coming out of the bar so he called Krista:
- You don't like the boy? Why don't you spend a good night with him?
"Don't be silly" answered Krista It's true I haven't been with a man in three years but I wouldn't mess with a kid
I'm not the only one who got my head up on this Eve is too Of course the many glasses of martinis already consumed had an effect:
- Three years? Shit how you holding up?
Krista blushed noticeably but she fought back:
- I have the means to bridge this problem you said with a smile and you looked me in the eye
But my partner wouldn't let it go while we were waiting for the elevator
- You and you don't want to feel a real one?
I was beginning to feel very uncomfortable because I knew that my partner would release his lines on this subject and in such a state but I didn't know what Krista would say At the same time I expected something very much
- YeahI'd like that But there's no one else
Then my partner said something I never thought he'd say:
- Well honey now's your chance I gave the two birthday boys a gift he'd never told me and he grabbed the elevator door because his head was really dizzy - Let's go to our house and get a threesome going
- Hey this is stupid don't make fun of Krista You're drunk
- You're wrong Eva I know it's every man's dream and my husband is no different Right honey? - he came to me And I also know that you've been thinking about sleeping with Krista for a long time Now's your chance With me here it's better than doing it behind my back
In my surprise I could not speak but my partner continued
 Not to mention I've been wanting to be in one of these for a thousand years because I want to see porn live
- Are you serious? I asked
We were standing at the door of our room
- Yeah - yeah No I'm serious On one condition - you're gonna kiss my ass big time


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