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The alarm clock screamed loudly into the sleepy early morning As I observed his not-so-polite gesture with a moan my hand began as a venomous snake and I silenced him with a swift firm motion Well you're lucky I'm not a Chuck Norris ' cause then you'd be lying in a millimetre of space on the corner of the nightstand
Slowly with one hand I began to rub my dim eyes and try to breathe life into my lost members Another grey weekday morning Get up brush your teeth breakfast then go to the treadmill And the weekend is still a long way away
As I thought of this I felt a hot body close to me holding its face close to my shoulder with a low growl My features were immediately put into a smile as I glanced down at the dark brown head of the deformed Badger and gently stroked the soft skin of the naked shoulder blades
Luckily the noise didn't wake him up Or at least he only woke up for a second so he could hold me tight and now stroke his face to the edge of my breast He's sleeping so sweet I used to love watching him breathe softly with his eyes closed and his mouth on an angel's smile
- Rest my dear "I kissed her gently on her forehead as I gently removed the arms of my waist put her head on the pillow and crawled out of bed
I looked back from the door and smiled at the sight of her breathing on her belly her silky hair spread over the pillow like a fan while the dainty rays of light flowing through the window gently caress her naked back above the waist For a moment I was jealous of the sun for touching those silky shoulder blades and then I shook my head with a smile and I came out of the hallway on my toes
The apartment just rolled around me in silence It's like he's just another living creature waking up from his sweetest dreams If things filled your mind last night like I did I understand if you don't want to wake up I only saw him In all my dreams But the most beautiful thing was when I woke up and watched her rub her beautiful face against my breast That's the best pillow and the softest one he always said that and I just smiled at it and I blew my eyes off Even after all this time together one innocent word was enough to embarrass me Of course he laughed at it and came to me to kiss the corner of my mouth gently and I embraced him in happiness
The thought made me smile so wide it almost hurt But my heart was pounding at the thought of this little miracle lying in the room in our bed sleeping in the sleep of the righteous And I didn't even dare hope that she was dreaming about me
All I did was slip out into the kitchen wearing a pair of knickers and worn jeans I didn't need any more to turn on the coffeemaker and listen to his lazy buzz to start making breakfast
I was never a great kitchen fairy Mom used to scold me about how I'd get a good husband if I couldn't even make an omelet Now the scrambled eggs are on But I never intended to catch a man with him I was perfectly satisfied with the wonderful little creature who taught me that by the way More than enough I felt like I would betray him just by thinking he was enough for me It was a million times more than I ever dreamed of Of course he wasn't exactly the Black Belt Master of the wooden spoon but that didn't matter either So I only liked him more when he was in the kitchen trying to make me something to eat And her cooking even if a master chef had just waved his head at her was the best thing in the world to me Well even if it was a side dish I got that precious smile that he sat across from me and watched me eat every grain of it eagerly
Now I was also thrilled to get up early and get the frying pan out of the cupboard to hit the eggs
As soon as the coffee was ready I poured it into his mug and immediately reached for the whipped cream to write some kind of message Of course the heart became dumber than the drawing of a four-year-old girl and the words "I love you"were good to recognize more than one letter
In a moment however I heard the soft footsteps in the hall and the kitchen door opened with a faint creak
- Morning Sleepyhead - I looked at her with bright eyes
God it was still beautiful His favourite in his very patchy sweatpants with a towel around his neck which hung down on both sides covered his perfectly round breasts with his lion-like hair spread out which was slightly wet after the morning puss


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