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Among the girls at the bar Erika represented the mature ones with her 29 years who had a good smile under her nose when I was blinding the girls at her counter He seemed to have a little more sense in him than the Great average I even gave him a compliment or two sometimes but there wasn't much positive feedback He did his job but he abstained from all the slack If there was staff drinking after parties he wouldn't let me out much and he left as soon as possible
One Saturday morning she calls me and says she's in trouble because she can't come to work at night but she needs Thursday and Friday money by Monday I didn't like it but there was nothing I could do so I called Bea to arrange an understudy She called a friend of hers Elvira who she used to work with I knew him by sight and I just wanted him to come It was a bizarre sight his pear-shaped tanned fat body on which he wore a short skirt and a shirt so tight that his sweet little loops popped out of his belly I suppose you're convinced she's some gorgeous woman Plus she's got this stuck-up bitchy style so she's a real prize
A little condescending but he was working normally But I'm sure there won't be any permanent staff here It gives me the creeps when I see it At the end of the party I think Peti got in the DJ's car Well the two cretins found each other
The next day I rested my party settled my affairs in the afternoon but there was something inside me that I had forgotten something important At 8: 00 pm I realized I didn't take her money I just rang and said I was already in the car and I was on my way to see him There was a condominium at the address he gave us and he answered the door on the third floor
- Hi - hi Come on inI'll be right back Sit down somewhere and he rushed back to one of the rooms
"I don't want to disturb you" I tried but I was only talking to the closed door
I closed the front door and went into the other room I sat around for like ten minutes admiring the minimalist equipment Anyway coffee table bed and TV I was getting impatient to leave the money and leave when he finally snuck out of the other room and sat down next to me on the bed
 Sorry I just put the kid to bed
- What do you mean? I didn't know you had a kid - I'm amazed
- Well now you know
 You surprised meyou don't look like a mom You're very slim - I'm praising your otherwise beautiful figure
- Thank you
 I'm sure his dad's proud of you too
 I don't know because we haven't been in touch for a year
- He must be so stupid I'd appreciate it if my child had such a beautiful mother
- Oh come on You want a drink? - get up from my side
- Whatever Whatever you're having is fine
- Then you'll drink wine-and he'll bring in a bottle of red from the kitchen with two glasses
We went out on the balcony for a smoke a drink and we had a really good talk For the second time I was surprised and I could talk to him about very sensible subjects Of course as the wine had a little effect we discussed more and more racy topics I told him about some of his female colleagues ' sexual habits where he had a good time and some of his older more interesting girl stories He could only tell an older story because he said he hadn't been with anyone in over a year The job and his little boy are taking his time This information coupled with the wine and the pleasant summer evening suggested a promising prospect I started looking at it with more and more eyes He was standing by the railing in a light pair of shorts and a T-shirt and I couldn't help myself so I stepped behind him and pulled his hair aside and started kissing his neck He sighed and put his hands behind my head and put his fingers in my hair He did not resist encouraged by my hand I stroked him up his belly and when I reached his breasts his body felt a little twitch from the touch I pulled his T-shirt out of it grabbed the soft spheres with both hands She rubbed her butt out and rubbed it against my ever-growing masculinity
When she turned against me I was faced with quite decent tits They're a little soggy but they're good to go I bent down and started kissing them which led me to lure out more content voices I slowly went down licking his belly and then I kneeled in front of him and his bare thighs glided my tongue up I could feel the excitement on him as I grabbed his little shorts and pulled them down gently There were no panties underneath and a tattooed Angel winked at me next to her little hedgehog-trimmed pussy He stepped out of his shorts and put his right foot on my shoulder as he held one hand against the railing of the balcony and the other held my head between his legs To begin with I gave the Angel a kiss and slowly licked her already wet pussy with my tongue()


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