Next Door Buddies – Greek Massage – Colt Rivers and Arad

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I've always been crazy about my maternal grandmother She was a country woman in good flesh and though she had never used any kind of makeup she could boast of skin like a baby There was no pimples or blackheads no trace of the two births no cellulite no marbling no white Creole-like skin all over his rounded curves She had huge breasts like two large ten-pound watermelons moist and yet swollen giant pears hanging under their own weight with hazelnut nipples surrounded by a wide saucer-sized pink courtyard Under the white skin of her bosom were fine blue veins He had a good hairy armpit never shaved it but twice a day he scrubbed from head to toe in the morning and in the evening And it was always just regular toiletries that smelled like lavender on your skin when you leaned close to it She was chubby but incredibly shapely and proportionate For me even the pudgy puddles on his waist were attractive The Shape of his beautiful mare-like buttocks was formed somewhere between the Apple and the pear with thick round thighs strong beautiful calves He had some hair on his feet as if to indicate that there was more than enough of it And there is She had a bulging big-headed cunt of Szeged with croissant pubic labia covered by lush black hair at the base of her pillow thighs His hair was extensive and under the fat of his belly formed over the pubic Hill four palms might have sufficed to cover it Her deep-bodied belly button formed a beautiful chalice on her exfoliating belly
I knew exactly what he looked like naked because I'd been watching him since I was like 12 when he was washing in a big bowl First he washed up to his waist then he put the bowl on the kitchen floor poured some more hot water bent over washed his butt and pussy and then he stood up and rubbed himself with a sponge Huh Come to think of it my dick is still standing The way he started stripping and I could see more and more of his body Then she leaned forward naked washed her neck her ears her face and her two large pears rang the bell swinging shaking hanging in the water Finally he washed them carefully Oh my god those huge soapy tits just slipped out of his hand And when he went into the basin he crouched and soapered his fat fat cunt between his thick open thighs Oh dear
So as soon as my dick started to stand I was like 14 years old and I was looking at my grandma through the Keyhole and I was beating my dick on her and I was like really enjoying it There were times when I'd go by the way she'd wash her tits and then I'd go by the way she'd wash her pussy A teenager always has a hard-on
I wished for her like one and then I went crazy I was a virgin but I used to look at my parents making love and I knew almost by heart Fritz Kahn's "School of Love" which I found in my father's books My dad had a locked cabinet and I managed to file a key It was a treasure trove Porn photos but it's a box number and it's a bunch of sex magazines it's full of all the Posies it's got flutes it's got mouth it's got tits it's got tits it's got pussy it's got cum it's got semen coming out of the vagina it's anal sex it's got mouth to mouth I used to hang out like a bee on a flower take things out into the grass jerk off big for the photos The point is in theory I knew everything and all I needed was practice Oh yeah
That summer when I was 16 years old he suddenly grew up a six - foot-tall teenager I once accompanied my grandmother to the nearby small town Health Center Turns out it was a routine inspection My grandma's out but she said to wait a few more minutes while she goes over to the pharmacy in the building to pick up some medicine I was reading the newspapers I had put in the waiting room with myself when I heard a quiet conversation The district doctor was standing at the door of your office and he had a word with a colleague He complained that these Country Women usually don't care about themselves but there are exceptions to be taken as examples She just had a follow-up with a middle-aged fat titty butt-faced woman who was so clean groomed stout scented pussy that she wanted to kiss him straight up The colleague laughed and asked why he had not done so Well because the nurse was in there the naughty answer sounded I pushed him over My grandmother was on her way back and the doctor waved his eyes to his colleague that he had just spoken of her The one who looked all over my grandma who didn't see it and snapped her tongue "What tits" he said I'm telling you she's got a beautiful pussy hairy as a Russian guard dog and the answer came out His hair is gray but down there it's pitch black Then the men laughed and said Good-bye all of them went about their business


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