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Suddenly I didn't know which way was up and which way was down I got dizzy I lost my orientation I got some water in my mouth and I got scared Those moments seemed like forever it couldn't have been more than a second Yet I experienced the fear of death even if it was fleeting as soon as I saw the light and set out in its direction My head was out of the water again I coughed the water out of my mouth while I heard the others laughing around me from the dock I rubbed the water out of my eyes brushed my hair back as I struggled with my legs to stay awake and scolded them How can they laugh about me drowning? What if I stay there? Would someone have picked me up? I mean really? As soon as the scare wore off I laughed with them From the dock the accident must have been really funny: I ran a long way to jump into the Danube I was strolling through the slippery boards and when I was jumping I slipped and the head turned into a flip Suddenly I came out of the water grabbed the edge of the dock and I got upset - Laugh now
And they laughed I mean Ivan and Dora a friend and a girl from next door
"But if you hadn't told me a minute ago that someone was going to slip it wouldn't have been so much fun" said Ivan Well I'm gonna go upstairsit's almost lunch at my house There are two things you can't do in summer: learn and be hungry Are you guys staying?
- Are we staying? - I asked Dora
- Let's go boating if you're up for it - he recommended it while smiling charmingly
Dora stayed and we headed towards the cottage: Ivan for lunch and I for the dinghy After wishing him a good meal we parted and I headed towards our house Our cottage is on the main road about a hundred meters from the Danube There's a walkway along the beach parallel to the river which opens up this little street that leads to us and is perpendicular to the main road After a while it widens the house is on the right I entered the gate went around the house and took the boat off the wall "This is the most practical way to keep it out of the way: two screws on which the boat is hung by means of the lifeline
We left it out one night and it was stolen but luckily the police found itwhat I don't understand is why my mind is moving in a completely different direction There's a cute girl down on the dock waiting for me to float with her for an hour and I've got other things on my mind I finally got the raft on my back and went back to the water Sometimes I'd put my bare feet up and down when I stepped in a sharp rock but I didn't put my slippers on On my back the boat covered the sun and I looked up at the sky every once in a while as if to measure whether it was baking strong enough to Tan At the end of the road a little slope leads to the beach and then up to the deck Dora heard me from afar followed me with her eyes as I approached
- It took you long enough - you pressed the emphasis at the beginning of the sentence
 It's easy to sunbathe here and wait for me to do everything - I answered
We smiled at each other Dori was sitting on the edge of the dock waving his legs over the water
- You got a boogie in your leg? - I did We can go dancing tonight if you want
- Very funny  he said it while he was wringing his whole face and he stopped
- I think we should go for a swim By the lifeline I threw the boat into the water making sure the wooden beams didn't spot it
I was crouching looking at Doria waiting for her to get in For a moment he pretended not to see me waiting for him and then he changed his mind and stood up He came up to me he crouched down next to me and he looked at me Our faces were just inches apart We stayed there for a while staring at each other with a smile on our face Then he asked me:
- What are we waiting for?
- To put her butt in this floating Constitution which looks forward to the touch of this beautiful ass
- All right I'll put it in
And in a brief moment I pushed us away from the pole of the dock to set us down or up the river without a destination I mean I had a secret destination if I didn't dare say it In any case our feet touched and as I rowed we rubbed each other's skin
- Do you shave your legs often? - I asked him as I glanced from his feet to his thighs a little higher than the area in question
- Why is that so important?
- Because I won't have any skin left on my feet by the end of the day
Then Dori gently kicked me indicating that I had crossed the line We didn't talk to each other for a while and we enjoyed rocking the boat It was on the zenith of the day it was on fire I could feel the sweat dripping down my forehead and under my armpits He didn't sweat a bit he looked as fresh as if he'd just cleaned his toilet She had her black hair cut recently because of the summer so now it's just shoulder to shoulder()


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