Jordan Levine cums inside Dominic Santos

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During the surgery I got the anesthetic in the spine so the functions downstairs started pretty slow But since I had company I couldn't be sure if I could get it up at all and I didn't really care at all  The nurses were all older so there was nothing to help Then the first day I was alone I took the opportunity I had my laptop and luckily there was Wi-Fi in the hospital which drove away quite a few boring hours I used it to watch porn Everything was fine my penis quickly filled with blood and I quickly found videos I liked Of course the venue gave it to you to make your characters sexy nurses I haven't jerked off in almost a week and I could tell when I went off I filled three handkerchiefs with warm semen and it was still standing like a pin But it was time to go to sleep Since I was alone I had some sleep and even after the 5: 00 wake-up I was able to go back to bed I woke up and that's when I saw her beautiful brown hair mesmerizing brown eyes white skin and shapely breasts Though I only saw him for a moment his eyes still compelled me I had to find out what Ward this girl was in and what ward she was in
That same day I went on a walkabout looking for the company of my time here But no matter how hard I looked I couldn't find it I couldn't move much so I spent the rest of the day laying in bed and jerking off the girl's body in front of me last night I didn't have a curfew I wanted to take another walk at least get some air As I turned out the door I suddenly noticed a crowd of old-timers looking in one of the rooms with a grin on their faces I thought "why not?" I thought I'd see what the old rascals like so much I didn't go there to peek so I just walked by the door but I saw everything anyway The girl I saw this morning was in the room She had surgery today and since you can't move yet she asked for a sponge bath Only that idiot nurse left the door open a crack and old perverts were staring at the girl sitting on the bed naked For a moment I saw her she had beautiful round breasts with tiny pink nipples I couldn't just sit back and watch so I pulled the door down and pushed the old people away although they didn't like it and they had a word or two for me
The next morning after breakfast I put it away and I went back to bed to rest for a while I closed my eyes and when I opened him up again he was at the door
'Hello' he said in his silky voice - I saw you yesterdayI didn't think you'd be around my age Do you feel like talking - she tried to come to me but the place of surgery still hurts
It was hard but I got up and I rushed over
- Let me help you with that
I took her to my bed and I helped her sit down and I had a hard time falling in with her We started talking about all kinds of things Her name was Niki she lived in town We didn't talk much when you got to the point
"I want to thank you for what you did yesterday" he blushed Her breasts were stretched forward her nipples were drawn on her top  If you hadn't closed the door I wouldn't have noticed those perverts staring at me


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