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"I've thought it all out" I told my wife Anita
 You call him on the phone you want to talk to him You make an appointment with her Friday night at 8: 00
Since I'm working three shifts the week I'm working late would be good Since you're working all night I'll take the kids to my in-laws ' at noon Tell him it's the weekend so the kids are staying at your mom's And I won't be home till 10: 30 so you'll be home alone
- When you get home from work you take a quick shower make yourself pretty You put on some sexy lingerie and because it's hot it's a thin very transparent skirt that can see through the pattern of your thong And a short top
When it comes up you have two options
You tell her you want to have sex with her right now
Or you could have a little chat first have a drink Then after a few encouraging glasses you offer to show her the apartment You show him around leave the bedroom at the end On the nightstand make sure you get the condoms the lube and the lotion If he still doesn't jump at you ask him to push a little bit on your shoulder because it hurts
Tell him the cream is on the dresser for the massage If he doesn't get it in front of the condom Pull up your skirt point to your cunt and tell her she needs a massage here too
When you're done make sure I'm home in 20 minutes
My wife who had been silent before told me:
- I like your idea - then he kissed me on the mouth
This conversation took place a week after I asked you about your sexual desires what do you want? What do you care?
He had a hard time saying he wanted to sleep with his cousin Krisztian Who is now 31 years old
She's five years younger than my wife The one who doesn't show up with the two kids 5 ' 10 "and weighs 5' 10 " and doesn't play any sports
On Wednesday he told me that he had spoken to Krisztian and that they had a meeting Friday night at 8: 00
The next day she went to the hairdresser and the beautician When I got home from work last night I went into the bedroom to say hi to her she was covered up completely naked In the evening he shaved his head bare his previously adjusted pussy I've been asking him to shave it for a long time but he wouldn't listen to me I jumped right between his legs and I was happy to lick him It was wet when I started licking it He seemed to like the new baldness too
I kept licking it and then I started fingering it Three of my fingers just rolled up The fourth one was already in and then he told me he was pushing it too hard so I should stop and put my dick in I put it in quick and I started fucking at an awful rate He didn't last longhe came out loud What I heard from him a long time ago a few seconds later I felt like I couldn't take it anymore and I came in He was happy to kiss me and for a few minutes we were stroking each other and then we fell asleep
It's Friday
My wife left for work this morning and I stayed home and I started getting ready
For what? I like watching and I wanted to see my wife having sex I've got cameras in the bedroom so he can buy the bed I set it up so I could just get it started
The other thing I had in mind was not going to work hiding and watching
I took the kids to my mother-in-law's at noon I pretended to go to work
It was a very slow time My wife came home after 6: 30 When he got here I hid under the bed in the nursery so you wouldn't see him unless he looked under the bed Which is not possible because I figured my wife would be in a hurry to take a shower As soon as he got in he threw the suit off I could see right through the bathroom door and I saw him go in and I heard him open the faucet and I quickly came out of hiding and started the camera
By the time I got back I heard him turn off the faucet A few minutes later she comes out of the bathroom naked and goes back in her underwear and bra I was amazed he was wearing a thin thong that covered the pubic mound but his pussy was all over the place The brassiere was more of a brassiere the kind that just keeps falling and the nipples are free I've never seen him wear these beforehe must have bought them at some point My dick just started to twirl If I didn't want to keep it a secret I would have fucked her right away but I didn't want to get caught Soon it was finished I saw him put on a short miniskirt and a pale blue blouse with a wide cut with only two inches in front of him and his belly button was visible
It must have been a few minutes before 8: 00 when the bell rang My wife went out to open the gate I came out of hiding and carefully looked out the window I saw you let Christian through the gate A quick kiss to the face even from here you could barely take your eyes off my wife's breasts Which aren't too big but with this bra her nipples would pick out the thin tissue()


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