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- You had an adventure on your honeymoon
- Yeah and it's not over yet At least for me But Zoli still doesn't know that part The next day he paid for a fishing trip to the sea and I decided to take a break from yesterday I didn't even go to the beach I was just resting at the hotel pool drinking delicious ice-cold cocktails while reading Some of the guys were in here too but I kept my shirt on I finally didn't have to parade around for my husband
Early this afternoon I was approached by the night janitor at the pool He was a little fussy and secretive about telling me he needed to talk to me I waved you to sit down Then he flashed a little videotape in his hand All of a sudden I didn't know what was going on He told me this is the security camera footage from my walk-in yesterday He explained that he brought it to me because he didn't want any of his clumsy employees to accidentally add it to the tapes he played in the hotel theater By now it was clear what he wanted Before he could go on I told him that because I'm on my honeymoon and although he's a good-looking young man he has no chance of getting into my pants
He was not very happy about that and he tried to threaten me and I was like " if you accidentally play the film in front of the hotel guests he'll fly out of his job and it's not easy to find such a good job here on the island"
"That is true" he replied " But then we cannot fill the rest of our time either for the leadership will call upon us to leave"
We're at a stalemate I told myself why the hell Zoli couldn't pick up the key last night
Since I had the ball the guy was interested in my solution He seemed like a stand-up guy and I got flashbacks from the giant black dicks I saw last night If it wasn't for our honeymoon I wouldn't have hesitated but I couldn't do it The first time in everything is difficult anyway - even though I had no illusions I knew sooner or later I would give in to the temptation of other pricks-but not a week after our wedding I have to do something So I offered to make him happy by hand right now but he didn't like it I took a look around but the pool and the surrounding area were almost deserted Looks like everybody's taking a nap
- Show me what you got - I told the guy
He looked around and after seeing the air was clear he pulled out his dick It was a nice piece average length but significantly thicker than my husband's I ran into saliva in my mouth and it was so tasty - the first black dick within my reach Zolika this is on you
 All right if you give me the tape I'll suck your dick
This was already a more acceptable offer to him He nodded
- Okay every day
Since we had almost a week to live I said no We started negotiating like in the market He let me go and I was like " a tape sucks" He didn't go any lower than three We're at a stalemate again I thought it was a little surreal that on my honeymoon I was dealing with a total stranger's kid about how many times I'm gonna suck his dick He was so bent out of shape at three I knew I had to give in now With a deep sigh I said " twice"
"Yes" he said " but I can play with your breasts and enjoy anywhere"
I hit him in the hand after all if I'm gonna suck his dick what difference does it make if he feels me up and squirts me?
- Okay then take off your shirt
I looked at him in battle:
- I'm not gonna suck your dick right now
Now he's gone mad:
 But yesterday when you came home that shouldn't be a problem for you Besides you just said You'd make me happy with your hands
I tried to explain to him that someone could show up at any time and then we'd both be flying tape or tape But he seems to be prepared for something to happen here His thick tail was like a black Periscope rising from his white uniform I wanted to fall for it but if anyone saw this they wouldn't just throw me out of the hotel my husband would kill me I looked around desperately There wasn't even a bushy area nearby that could provide some cover That's when I saw the bar in the middle of the pool No guests and the bartender went for a nap I'm sure it's connected to the water because sometimes cocktails are sent out by a small remote ship
- Can I swim in the water? - I poked at cocktail island
"Of course" he said " I'll be waiting for you there"
Through the service entrance he came in a few minutes and said " I can go"
There's no turning back now If I swim in there I'm gonna have to suck it Shit Zoli
I looked around again - no one I swung gracefully into the pool and swam to the bar I found out where the cocktail ship was coming out took a deep breath and I snuck in The guy helped me out of the hole and I was right in the middle of the cocktail lounge I quickly asked for something strong - I needed courage()


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