Sucking my buddy after school

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We're both a couple in our fifties but you can't tell because the young boys turn around after me and it's nothing fancy I'm just keeping myself together And my husband says " For once in my life every woman should be satisfied with her curiosity" We actually wrote a fantasy story together and it's there in US and if we could find one of those young big-dick intelligent guys for one occasion then Of course we didn't start looking for how or where Here's the story you imagined
It was Saturday night
I went to the bathroom I put some water in the tub and I got into it I closed my eyes and unwittingly aroused by the recollection which my husband and I had talked about several times so that day and though I was very concerned about it-with a young straight boy with a big dick - I did not consent to it at first as an honest wife In the tub the story we wrote together came to me and I started to feel the waking desire in my pussy
- Nice - I thought to myself You know just knowing and I'm already having thoughts that aren't supposed to be
I reached out put two fingers in my pussy which I could just imagine was filled with the juice of desire and sometimes I moved it in and out of the crack sometimes I caressed my clitoris
As I lay there with my eyes closed enjoying my own game I suddenly felt a faint breath on my neck I opened my eyes and my heart exploded The imagined young man was there - let's call him Miki-naked with his well-developed muscular body with a large thick tail just staring up in the sky more desirable and beautiful Who knows how long he's been in there watching my game
- What About You? - I did What do you think you're doing? How did you get here and who authorized you to do this?
"Your imagination and your husband called me here" he said
He said that so close I felt his breath in my mouth
I felt that my desire would soon be swept away by all my discontent and he too felt the need to put his tongue in my mouth His youthful impulse made my body hot and my fingers went in and out of my pussy even more
Apparently he was very excited by the sight of her entering the tub He walked with his feet in front of my face with life with a tail full of desire I felt an irresistible desire to possess it with my mouth I got up on my knees to reach him grabbed him tight and he moaned It was nice to hear she liked it I slowly pulled the skin from the acorn and I caressed it with my tongue with circular motion with pleasure I counted it up to the edge moving bits on my head moving it in and out I could feel these sensual movements starting to drive her crazy and I could hear her moan from time to time until she couldn't take it anymore and she grabbed me in my hair and she threw one at me on her hip and she pulled my head on her throbbing dick From that double motion it went into my mouth almost at the base of it and I could not imagine that I could fit that huge tool in my mouth I puked but he didn't seem to care
And I didn't mind
If I could talk I would have asked you to fuck my mouth hard
He didn't have to say ithe felt like I was really excited too because he was banging my mouth like it was in my pussy Like a piston he walked in and out almost impaled me by the mouth
At that moment my blood was cold For a moment I opened my eyes and saw my husband sitting there watching us He was nakedand his spear just appeared
He smiled and nodded with confidence
It reassured me I gave myself to this new experience again:
my mouth is filled with the stone-hard tail of a brazen young and unscrupulous boy with the muscular butt in one hand with which I control the beat with the other hand stroking my clitoris
What more do you need?
Yes I do
We must not end this way I cannot miss this opportunity
I want this rock-hard fantastic tool in my pussy and I want it there to fill me in and fill me in


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