Pierre and Brent

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That the students would suffer from their teacher's digestive passion it happens There are also students who are ready to stand up to the professor
Laci is an 18-year-old school student who does not want to give up his experience as he writes :
"My German teacher Mrs L instructed me to stay after class When we were alone in the classroom he read to my head that the day before he was watching me behind the sports hall doing "inappropriate things" "That's disgusting" he said and if I don't demonstrate my transgression to him he'll have to report it to the principal I'm bleeding red from the shame of pulling my droopy penis out of my pants He sits on the table and stares at me "Just go do everything like you did yesterday" urges I'm determined to pull my foreskin back and forth while I see how ecstatic you look and tiny drops of sweat appear over your lips All of a sudden my dick gets hard I jerk off real hard and platty I shoot everything in front of it "You can go now" wheezes But I got curious in the hallway and snuck back in()


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