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It's rare that I have to work late but it happens In every workplace there are deadlines for which eight hours a day is not enough Of course the conscientious worker stays naturally helps does his job and fingers crossed so that he can get some rest
That's what happened last time There was a volume of material that was made late and that evening I had to make a copy put it in a nice folder and wrap it up so that the courier could take it to the airport early the next morning to catch the morning flight I kept my mouth shut but that's me of course I stayed
I arranged the family over the phone just in time and then I ran down to the nearest grocery store and to prepare for the night's work I provided myself with all sorts of delicacies There was also a bottle of wine on my imaginary shopping list: true I know we don't drink alcohol at work but I was like " Damn it if I have to work here when everyone's already home eating dinner resting then I'm going to have a good time in here even if I have a job but at least I'm going to have a good time"
When I returned the last Birds (the most stahanovistic ones) were flying out the gate and everyone was surprised of course: what about you? I'm gonna stay
I came back to my office cleaned it out comfortably and set it for myself on the great table of the conference room saying that anyone who would work late would need some ammunition from time to time - and of course I didn't want to seal the copy And then I turned on my little radio saying that the music would cheer me up and I put my slippers on to make it more comfortable and I was ready
After settling in so well I got to work All that paper was piling up on my desk and then on the chairs but somehow it didn't want to lose weight and in fact the writing was growing
In the meantime I spoke to the people back home they're fine they're having dinner they're going to bed Oh my god it's 9: 00 I really do Well get back to work soon ' cause it would be nice for me to get home today
It was about 9: 30 when the security guard came in:
- A lot of work I see
- Big unfortunately A tour of Duty?
- Yeah I'm walking around now Don't worry I'll take care of you I'll be at the front deskif there's any problems just let me know
- All right thank you
 I'd love to stay and help but unfortunately I have to be there
- Yeah go ahead
He said Good-bye and I was about to open up the conference room for some half-sweet red doping and he stuck his head back in:
- You're not alone in the hallway I'm sure he's got a deadline too
I thanked him for the info we smiled at each other we waved and then he left I put a dose in the copier but my mind was elsewhere Who the hell else is in here besides me? And how come I don't know about it? Who could it be?
I couldn't stop wondering so I looked out into the hallway to see if there was any light and yes I've got you
(I'm so hot There's a light in the Office of the boy who's so pretty tall and kind and I've had my eye on him so many times
He's got a nice face nice hands - I always look at that - and not least he's got a great ass I've seen him walk in front of me many times before and yes his tight jeans have only given me very luscious images)
Well The fact that we're both in at this hour might give me the right to look in on him without a reason I walked up to her door I fixed my dress I knocked two on the door and I opened it
- Hey I hear you're still here
- Shh yes I did - he slipped under the table in a hurry
(I wonder why he's so embarrassed? Why are you looking at me like that?)
- You have an urgent job too?
- Uh-huh Yes
(Very short-mouthed it's like I scared him a little bit Or maybe I'm disturbing you?)
 I just wanted to let you know I'm here and I brought dinner if you want
- All right all right all right - thanks - yeah
(That's enough Is that scared of me or what that you can't make sense of it? I was on my way out and as soon as I closed the door I noticed something Well well On the Monitor I unmistakably recognized one of my short stories in bold which I posted online and which well was very slippery
Get out of here quick
I ran back to my own room and I leaned against the closed door I took a deep breath No way He probably doesn't know that I'm the one hiding behind that nick But that's what he's reading and he's here this late It's a mystery
Mysterious but very very pretty guy and those dark eyes around which the eyelashes are like stars


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