Mishandled Marine

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This story started when my son turned 18 and I realized he wanted to sleep with me
I know I know This is completely inappropriate sick and confused I said the same thing to myself at first
You can't explain this strange sexual hunger My son is like Paul's father My husband Darren died in a car accident when Paul was only three Paul had the same blue eyes same blond hair and a dazzling smile as his father
I saw and knew these signs and tickets over the years but when he was a teenager they became even more conspicuous
All I can say is that I don't look at him as I would sleep with until the moment I walked into his room one fine day and see him sitting in front of the computer caressing his dick And then I just got struck by lightning and I thought it would be nice for his dick to have my old old unused pussy out of my system Actually I really wanted to because she looked really good His voice maybe his dick is the same as my late husband's I wanted to go through that thing with Daran when I was a teenager when we started dating But morbidly I want to relive my marriage with the only person I ever really loved
In the midst of many pardons for breaking in without knocking in my son's room I noticed that he was also very embarrassed I've been back and forth all night with that picture I saw of my son At first he was feeling a little guilty but then as I tried to sleep he came back in my mind and before my mind's eyes I saw the picture of my son stroking his tall thick tail My mind dictated that I should be the one to take the first steps towards a good family incest In the end I fell in a deep state of exhaustion and fatigue but it was not a peaceful night's sleep
The next morning Paul and I pretended nothing had happened but the tension between us could be felt None of us were completely calm
Next month my morality went completely wrong Because I completely ignored my insatiability it slowly got to me I started masturbating and satisfying myself With my vibrator while I was satisfying myself I always imagined I was sucking Paul's cock and sucking my pussy with his tool
When I was watching Paul I saw Daren
When I was talking to Paul I heard Daren
I became obsessed my thoughts revolved around how I could seduce my son like I did many years ago when I was a teenager
Even though I wasn't that skinny anymore and I wasn't that skinny when I was a cheerleader men still looked at me in the street I've seen it many times and felt that the men looked at me from head to toe even though I didn't wear a DD basketball bra I had everything in proportion
Well I wasn't the man who set the record for male consumption There were a few men in my life but none of them were Daren I was still getting rid of them when we were about to step on the quagmire of sex But in the meantime I realized there's already a perfect man in the house in Paul's person All I had to do was act
I started wearing shorter skirts at home tighter blouses and high heels because I knew how to conquer men when I wanted something from them My son noticed the changes in me but I also sensed that I was sexually arousing his interest but he was shy because I was his mother
Six weeks after I saw his cock at dinner I started asking him questions to find out his attitude
I started with the usual question " How was school today?"
All those teenagers they were like " nothing"
- Then why am I paying school taxes?
With a little irony there was an answer: - you can also learn that there was an Hamlet who had an incestuous relationship with his mother
At this moment I couldn't breathe for like 30 seconds Since he was the one before me my plan is falling apart At that moment I had a series of questions Does she know how I feel about her? Does he want what I want? Does he want me?
During the gable I noted the irony: - it seems Hamlet's message has changed a lot since I went to school
But Paul continued " No The message is still about religion revenge and becoming human But if deep down the lines there's clearly Shakespeare's point of view that Hamlet and mother had a sexual relationship
And then I just joked and said " Well then are you saying Shakespeare thinks it's appropriate that you sleep with your mother?"


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