Father Knows Best – Full Movie

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The bell rang I froze for a second I even dropped the napkin in my hand and I spent a long time folding it into a pretty shape I was shocked by the sound of another bell - I'm coming - I called out On my way there I lit some sort of cheap incense and quickly looked in the mirror fixed my hair not that it changed much took a deep breath and pressed the doorknob
Outside the door was Kinga my former kindergarten partner We used to be very good friends I had my first" Mama-Daddy " experience with him I mean it's nothing seriousit's just a show-me-what-you-have-a-game But since kindergarten it's like he's been swallowed up by the Earth Maybe it was fate but a few days ago I started taking salsa lessons I immediately noticed this girl who was spinning and spinning around the dance floor with such grace as if it were the most natural thing in the world to her I knew I knew him from somewhere but it didn't come to me at first And then the next time out of the blue it hit me with a bolt of lightning That's my former best friend I walked up to her a little scared because I wasn't entirely sure if it was the right girl
- Hi - hi Kinga you've changed - I said it in the most pleasant voice I could trying to hide the tension in me He seemed to be thinking deeply Then a little timid but sexier as if I heard a bird chirping he said
- David? David is that you? - With a little nod of my head and a little smile of my mouth I indicated that he had hit it Then suddenly laughing screaming joy jumped on my neck
- What happened to you? - he asked - I haven't seen you for how long? Since kindergarten Where did you go? - And then slowly we began to speak without a care in the world of the teacher who was already in the room The world has ceased to exist around us Repeatedly Kinga are you dancing or not? - we're back to reality
'I must go now' he replied in a tone which did not contradict himself He grabbed me by the hand and dragged me out of the room We continued to talk in the lobby but soon he said
- I have to go back now Can we meet up sometime? I can tell you a thousand things "he said in the same tone which did not tolerate the contradiction in which he had just discharged the teacher"
"Yes" I said a little plainly I gave him my address and I invited him over for dinner
Her soft locks fell gracefully on her shoulder Her beautiful brown hair was matched with chestnut eyes I had a feeling I was dealing with a Latino diva He was wearing a low-cut top and a short jeans skirt in view of the warm summer night And I was once again in the unconscious state we first met in the dance hall Kinga's tinkling voice threw me out of my thoughts
- Smells great - he told me
- What? What? Oh the food Oh it's nothing I just made something  which of course was the world's biggest fake I spent all day in the kitchen making sure everything was as good as possible
- I brought a bottle of wine - it was his way into the apartment - When do we eat? - tinkled
 If you're hungry right now the food's ready - I answered And so we sat down at the table and in the midst of all the laughter and nostalgia we ate my creation with good taste
I've felt this intense vibe between us Like when two magnets with different poles don't want to be allowed together it felt like that After dinner we opened the wine and continued to talk But all I could think about the whole time was what a great woman my old kindergarten buddy had become I couldn't stop thinking about when I was looking at her pussy and she was like not too big at the time and she wasn't even like a dick The next thing I know he's got a question out of his mouth that's stuck in me forever
 Remember when I used to show you my pussy in kindergarten? - your question sounded like it In the meantime he glanced at me with an incredibly seductive look


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