Mencom – Hunk roomates fucks – Damon Heart, Pietro Duarte

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I've always dreamed of having sex with a girl who's also part of my family Of course my sister was out of the question not even in my mind But there were other girls in our family who were my cousins and nieces One of them Lilla always caught my eye when I saw her She's my direct cousin my mother's brother's eldest daughter She has another daughter Lili who on the other hand is not an option because of her age Despite Lilla's 17-year-old age she was nearly six feet tall thin athletic and of course remarkably pretty Her waist-long brown hair has mesmerized me every time For the record long hair has always been my weakness Lilla was especially beautiful: she was very advanced in her early years with beautiful breasts and a tight full ass One time we met I started fantasizing about her
Since I was staying with my friends and they were going to Lake Venice they figured out how to ask my uncle Lilla to come with us So I called my uncle and I talked to him about the details and he let Lilla go I went over to their house the same day and they kept me going saying We'd join the others in the morning We talked for a long time and then everyone went to bed
I woke up at night because nature called I responded to this call and went to the bathroom I was sitting on the throne when the door opened and my cousin Lilla walked in
- What are you doing? - he asked me
"As you can see I was in the toilet" I replied - How come you're not sleeping? - I asked him back
"I have to go to the bathroom too" he said
"All right I'll let you in" I replied and then I rose from my seat to dry myself Unfortunately I had a hard-on which Lilla noticed Without thinking he took his hand upon her and began to caress my tool
- Come on you can't do that - I told him and then I tried to move his hand He did not respond he took my Manhood eagerly into his mouth and began to suck it I froze because my 17-year-old cousin was playing the flute on me but I woke up quickly when I was about to come I pushed her away quickly and then I turned to the bathroom to wash my hands and she pulled down her pants and sat down in my seat After he'd done his job I tore off a piece of toilet paper and wiped his pussy with it Then I accidentally touched it with one of my fingers which he noticed and he smiled and said he was okay with it He took the toilet paper out of my hand threw it in the toilet and flushed it()


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