hungswimmerFR edged and milked

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It was spring During the day the warm almost hot sun the warm cold nights in the evening shook the intertwined souls of lovers
I was sitting on the porch waiting for him The minutes grew into hours but I wasn't anxious I knew he would come and I knew he would be what I knew him to be: kind humorous emotional a man who has an opinion about everything and also knows the intricate world of emotions and a woman's soul I was wondering what he looked like in person He knew so much about me so many sweet painful sinful things pride desire joy purpose So many secrets have been broken in front of the monitor Nights that turned into days for months I could only see a picture and I heard a nice voice on the phone but now it's spring and I finally get to see him He came quietly gently He breathed a light kiss on my face and then fell on the swing He was a little hesitant to look for his place in the apartment and his gaze glanced across my face He looked at me as if he were waiting for confirmation but I didn't give him that not yet The cork of the wine bottle slipped out of the bottle without sound and the redness of the candle lit back from his eyes His spirit was exhilarating to me without words I could feel the calmness of the force and I felt it with a keen interest The smiling blunders and the endless confluence of stories brought the pale candlelight to color As the cold slowly crept into the veranda so did we I finally hugged him and he hugged me We continued to talk and it felt good not to rush anything I knew it would only take a word from me and he would go home to come again tomorrow and we would sit on the porch talking sweet nothings But as her skin touched my skin I knew I shouldn't let her go…
In his bluish-green eyes there was a curious light as the rhythm of the blues Music became a little throbbing and humping between us Her kiss spread so naturally on my lips as if she had always belonged there I've never felt a man's kiss so tender and coveted at the same time I wanted to I knew there was a good chance I'd see him for the first time and last time but I wanted to If it was just a happy memory I still needed it I felt that the way he loved me no one ever loved me and no one ever will
He gently stroked his fingers across my chin kissed me softly on my neck The throbbing of the air passed through my skin and my heart picked up the rhythm My body relaxed and I melted into his armsand I knew that tonight I would give it to him in the way that no one else would He absorbed the scent of my hair put me in his arms and took me to the silky bedroom He put me on the bed with himdragged my body around pulled me in his arms like no one else has The air shook around me and my skin was on fire in no time and as a gentle wave my blood carried this heat all over my body There was passion desire and boundless tenderness in her embrace I never thought a man could hug me like thatthat a touch could be so nauseating I was dizzy mesmerized by the way he touched me His whole being had a hypnotic effect on me my legs trembled and I was surrounded by a warm heat The former ease was nowhere to be found-the delirious desire for pleasure had replaced it the carelessness of a bewitched disarmed mind that lived only in the moment shocked me -- my mind had given up and my body took over
He held me tight and kissed me softly For a long time my lips my neck and my ears gently gently It turned me on I could feel the masculine power emanating from him My instincts told me that he would lead me on paths of pleasure that I never dreamed of and that he would awaken feelings in me that I didn't even know existed So I felt more than I knew I could trust him I gently moved my hips our legs intertwined I laid him on his back and started kissing him caressing his neck his ears the back of his head and I started slowly pressing his shirt and I drilled my head deep into the opening of his shirt into the chest hair and I could feel my blood boiling faster My body was on fire and I really wanted it everything he was Slowly little by little the outside world disappeared I've ruled out everything in the past from the future even the present He answered my movements with a curious revealing smile I don't know if anyone's ever been able to piss me off in that amount of time She seemed to like it too because she said that if I kept doing this there would be no massage promised So I held myself back – it's a long night you really shouldn't rush into anything He laid me on my back and sat between my legs I closed my eyes and sighed deeply All my fears have been relieved with great comfort All these years of cramped performance and everything else seems to have disappeared in a soft breeze with a sigh()


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