Beach Gay Latin Romance

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Riley was standing in the biggest dressing room she'd ever seen in front of a series of mirrors They were in the fifth store that day They bought enough clothes to dress an army
Earlier the boys looked at the third-rate condominium he lived in and they were both furious There was no security it was a bad neighborhood and the apartment was so old and stalled they were sure it would be torn down within a year As she packed up as many things as she thought were enough for two weeks the boys were constantly furious Riley didn't understand why they made such a big deal out of it That's all he could afford and even though it wasn't a penthouse he thought it was kind of cute They suggested they'd find him a decent place as a safety net because no matter what they'd never let him come back to this hole The girl smiled and the thought of it filled her with warmth
Cade and Trevor sat close to her and evaluated the millionth dress they had chosen for her rehearsal He was black so tight and so short he was almost afraid his ass would flash every step of the way V-neck deep cut practically to the navel It fit him like a glove and he had to admit it it was as if he had been made but he felt he would never have the courage to wear it in public When he told them they ignored him
In the same way they ignored everything else he said about the clothes he tried on He sighed and wriggled until the bottom of his skirt was lowered and then dropped in front of them and when he heard their appreciative hum he smiled to himself They told the waiting clerk they wanted this dress and he was on his way to try on the next one It took him a while to get into the next outfit and he remembered the pictures of the morning The way the guys took off their jeans and set up the six – head shower – Oh my God that's amazing work-and asked him if he'd taken his pills When she said yes they cheered her up No matter how smart they thought he was they took care of his health just like he took care of theirs Then they dragged him into the shower
He saw you naked in the mirror of the booth and he stroked me over your chest She touched her delicate skin with a touch of love His hand wandered between his thighs and watched him slip his finger between the wet labia Cade and Trevor put liquid soap on his hands and he stood still while they were massaging him rubbing him and washing every part of him Trevor just took off and put his hand in Riley's chest He caressed her squeezed her pulled her and kissed her endlessly
Cade knelt in front of him and she put one foot on his knee He rubbed a thick layer of foam on his pubic hair and shaved the area down to the last millimetre You never thought a shave could be so erotic Trevor brought her to her knees in front of his swollen cock like he was begging them to take her It tasted different than Cade and it felt different in his mouth Because of the thickness he was afraid he'd cut it with his teeth Trevor didn't take his hands off her face his fingers were wandering on her while in accordance with his movements his face was bloated and rotting It was so sexy the way the man's fingers kept poking around his lips while he was sucking it Cade knelt behind his back and fell in with a great sigh It was so different without the latex layer so much better He shuddered to the memory so hard and so fast to get him to the top When he came Trevor's thick and long penis glided in his mouth screamed and sucked as deeply and as deeply as he could in his delirium The man soon exclaimed and then stabbed and stabbed him in the mouth until he came Cade almost brutally clenched her ass pushed her hard and she sprained into an almost infinite spasm until she poured her seed into it
- Riley-Cade called him
The girl came back to reality a little wheezy from the shock She was naked her hips were leaning against the mirror her own fingers were working in her body Meanwhile her lovers along with the clerk were waiting for her right outside the door Damn it What's wrong with him? He never masturbated He was always embarrassed when he did something like that and then he was usually more turned on than he was before Now you're doing it in public? After the best sex he's ever had Oh my god Maybe they turned him into a nymphomaniac?
- Yeah - yeah "I'm coming" said he with a trembling voice
You heard Cade mumbling - We know that  Riley knew they knew what he was doing in there and he was petrified How can you go out there and look them in the eye? Maybe if you just stay here they'll leave after a while and she'll die of shame


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