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A pretty face looks back from the mirror Long lashes black eyes and heart-shaped charming face Long black curly hair frames the pretty face and reaches down to the waist
Mila's home alone She just finished her bath He ties up his pink plush robe and then leaves the bathroom
- Okay let's watch a movie - Step to his DVD shelf He's got a lot of movies to choose from but he's not in the mood for any of them right now In the back corner of the shelf find your old favorite horror movie
- Oh this is gonna be great  she turns on her face turns on the DVD and sits on the couch After a few minutes he stops the movie and goes to the kitchen He's ordering pizza He'll hang up the phone and sit back in front of the movie with a smile
"Now all we need is popcorn" he says to himself grinning They'll ring in about half an hour Mila jumps up and pulls her robe a little apart in the spread He steps to the door and looks through the peephole He's looking at a young guy Her lips lie on a grin and then she opens the door
- Hi - hi - he greets the kid with a nice smile His eyes are caught in this guy's Brown mid-length curls hanging in blue's eyes Mila's heart is beating a little faster When he gets separated from the eyes he looks at the pizza The guy's eyes are stuck somewhere else Mila's robe slipped a little so she lets herself see into her beautiful breasts covered by a red bra Mila smiles and clears her throat
- How much? - he asks with a smile The boy finally takes his eyes away from her beautiful bosom and looks at her
- Krrrrpcssff uh-huh That'll be 240 - he mumbles and finally looks her in the eye Their eyes meet and Mila nodds
"She is very sexy" he thinks and with a heavy heart she thinks of her ex-boyfriend recently broken up with He sighs and then he returns to reality She remembers a friend's bachelorette party A pizza guy was invited there too Although his original vocation wasn't pizza boy
"Though by the looks of this boy" thought Mila with his eyes on his trousers for a moment " he would do more than what that boy at the memorial would do" The thought makes him smile mischievous and then looks at the boy
"Come in I'll get the money" says Mila winking at the boy And then twirling her pretty ass she disappears behind a door The guy's still speechless Of course he enters without any particular nudge and as she turns his back on him his eyes go down a meter When Mila returns with the money she accidentally drops one of the paper money He leans quickly for it and the dressing-gown cap slips slightly allowing even greater insight into the Hide of his bra The guy leans fast so their heads collide
- Oh I'm sorry Are you all right? "he asks and he caresses her soft and shiny hair" The girl as she leans down her eyes are on the boy's pants and she's happy to see that there was no need for this little stunt As their heads collide she cries
- Ow - he's touching his head and his hand is touching his hand He looks up and looks into the guy's green eyes He smiles so mischievous so mysteriously and then slowly gets up
- No I'm fine- she mumbles He's almost a foot taller than her and they just stand there and she just looks him in the eye As they look into each other's eyes the guy's thinking
"This must be done now even if he does not want it it is such an opportunity that such a thing is stupid to pass up - his right hand will slowly be placed under her long shiny hair and wrap around her neck"
 It would have been a shame if anything had happened to you otherwise I would have been stuck with this pizza - good thing in you that it even rhymes His eyes glistening with his left eye The girl trembles at the touch closes her shining black eyes then sighs
- Speaking of pizza What do I owe you? "you ask the most ambiguous question especially since your robe is quite an insight into my red bra" The guy doesn't answer he smiles He crushes a 10 from the ground and then sticks it on the robe between her breasts He leaves a brief pause in case she backs out but he doesn't move Then with his right hand he gently pulls her towards him and slowly turns to kiss her The girl follows the guy's hand with her eyes and then she bites him sexy in the lip When the guy touches her again a palpable tremor runs through her and then their lips touch each other At first they taste each other tenderly but when they both feel that it's not enough they kiss each other more and more violently She pushes him to the door when the door closes When he kisses her she closes the door and when their lips part she smiles mysteriously at him
- The pizza's getting cold - remember it sweetly He's kissing her with all his might He's completely taken with the feeling and he just can't get away from it When the girl stops kissing she suddenly becomes desperatebut she takes the question she smiles and takes off her shirt()


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