Rafael Alencar and Pierre Fitch – Scene 1

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We've known each other for years She was married to my boss who was thin a little bony but had an exciting body who at times could be very hot Not once have I had a desire for her but she was unapproachable militant and cold but I sincerely hoped for an opportunity to repay her disgusting nature to my dear boss with a few unorthodox strokes Many times I watched him run after his work for I was his chauffeur if he had bought something bigger he knew how much I liked him and I built my insidious hopes on this that at some point the indifference of his marital virtues would open and through this opening I could submit to him my honey-loving cock and with him the luscious pleasure of an exotic affair of terror for tyrannical husbands I looked with longing and narrow lips and I imagined something that would open wide and oval and make women's voices go away until they burst out of their lips which caused them to be silent In fact I would very much like to be the wet nurse of this overgrown yet not very high-minded slightly rapey Chick although there was some risk involved
I've looked at it enough I wasn't crazy about it but it kept irritating me My eyes took it out of the clothes and his strange arched hips aroused me and I often imagined that we would stand off the road and I would crush him and fuck him but it's not that simple Of course if he wanted to Her husband brought her from abroad guarding her like a dog with a bone a slave to the household and the child His pronunciation remained foreign to the whole time but for beautiful women it is just as sexy as the mild strabismus which from the delight of the male comma that dredges deep inside has always become strong in orgasmic convulsions
By the way there was a great deal of Oriental prydism in there
She was in her husband's office one night The two children had been waiting for hours to leave and it was dark I was in the other building the security dogs were barking but I heard a noise outside so I looked out into the dark hallway I knew him right away He walked in with his distinctive walk taking on his more conquering appearance so that I had certain thoughts With his head up he stood at the door with a stubborn attitude I had a strange thought but I watched dispelled my evil imagination but I had no time to think He was half my agewe've been worshipping him since the first day we met Now she looked very beautiful her slender girlish legs in particular I've always liked kissing women's feet because in my code women's feet calves and women's asses have no rival in the armory of love These things hit me in the heart and I'm done In the middle of the thigh spins she smoothed her skirt with a distinctive gesture on both sides at the same time
- Are you in the mood for anything unusual? - he asked but I understood Meanwhile she pulled the skirt up a little bit My heart began to beat and at the same time Zeus's lightning hit me with cruel force next to my head the other most noble part of me Suddenly I felt tight (was it tight?) my Punia is absorbed by the base of my comma Minutes passed but then his white cotton panties appeared under the skirt Well that was unmistakable
- I know you like me No secrets I don't need it
I didn't say anything neither did he only the air was boiling around us I weighed it Then I stopped weighing She had the bottom of her skirt on her waist but she left me the panties but I had no intention of touching them He went to the table He turned off the light in English ("that won't be necessary now") His breath hit my face it was sweet and hot and then I felt his mouth it was hot and wet as it was down there at least it occurred to me that something similar might be going on down there
- Give me your cock - he said quietly He reached into my pants held her a little squeezed her and then came to the table - just to the point of shame-and stopped measuring her thickness and length leaning on his hands straight forward
"You'll have enough panties to put aside" he suddenly changed to a quiver I stood behind him and stepped between his legs with my right foot to spread it a little wider I still couldn't believe what was happening here was true but I had to and I tried to make myself useful The panties were already on her ankle and I whispered in her ear and she would step out of it for she would obstruct it and she would step out and willingly depict me with her bare little ass which made so much of my saliva drip I was sorry that only the lights on the outside gave me some light in this filtered light I took a little pleasure in the delights of the unexpected prey with the end of my licked finger I swiped to search for the gap because I knew we didn't have much time I couldn't do the ritual now with the method of the Mayan priests because then there would be nothing of the delicacies of Paradise opened()


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