My friend’s dad

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On Saturday morning Peter got up early - to be more precise he woke up in the chair where he took a nap the night before His neck muscles were uncomfortable He picked up cigarette butts from the ground and then stretched out their members He also did some simple exercise Anna was still asleep and the boy didn't see the point in waking her up He took a shower had his breakfast and then he sat on the porch and he got caught reading a Malamud novel The book however was not so busy as not to notice that this morning was as wonderful as the day before The sky was still blue the air was fresh and the Mercury of the thermometer crept steadily from 27 degrees to 28 degrees
"It's going to be a hot day" thought Peter So he wanted to enjoy it while the weather was nice
The girl showed up at the door around 8: 00 sleepy rubbing her eyes
'Hello Darling' said Peter He put the book down and pushed the chair away from the table so Anna could sit on his lap
She was comfortable and then she kissed the boy's neck
- Good Morning What are you reading?
Peter showed him the cover of the novel
'Not a very famous book' said the boy - And it's not very good Actually it's about a young man screwing up his life pretty early
Peter saw Anna's face turn blue so he continued quickly:
- yeah and he's been helpless for a long time but he can't stand up Then she gets a good job at a college where she starts teaching gets into adventures with all kinds of girls and finally a woman whose husband helped her get her job They fall in love and eventually they start a new life together It's not a very original story but it's quite enjoyable
 And you of course identified him as the lead character
'Yes in part' sighed Peter and stroked her hair  But I didn't have to take you away from anyone
They listen for a few minutes the silence is filled with a drop of tension
- What's on your mind? 'she asked gently at last
"Well" began Peter uncertain - If we get married and everything and the years go by we get all sour and wrinkled
Anna laughed maybe a little too loud Your body was tingling This is the first time the boy has ever mentioned the idea of a life together
 So once you get tired of me will you ever cheat on me? Will I survive?
She suddenly became stiff and turned her head Peter saw tears in his eyes
"I could ask you the same thing" he said dryly
- I'm sorry
 Look I saw my ex-boyfriend lying in bed with my best friend - Anna broke out and rose from Peter's lap His eyes were sparkling - It feels great I can tell Maybe you should try it
- I don't understand - Peter was very sorry to bring it up Anna of course has told her about the terrible way that her previous relationship ended Yet he wondered that his innocent remark would create such a storm in her soul
'I don't blame you' said the girl in a softer tone  After everything that's happened I didn't become a man-hating lesbian or a slut in everyone's bed I still believe in love and now I feel like you're the one for me I could never hurt you the way they hurt me Understand?
The boy nodded and with a gentle gesture he reached for her hand Anna put herself back in her lap and stroked the boy's long hair
- What about you? Would you cheat on me?
Peter seemed to think
"Someone told me once" he began slowly - that there was an incident in America that got me thinking A 10-year-old girl jumped off a bridge into a river He couldn't swim and he drowned
"They found his diary" continued Peter  the night before he died he described his plans I know why Apparently her dad told her that if she drilled through the earth she'd end up on the other side of the world For some reason the little girl thought that if she jumped in the water she wouldn't even have to drill and she'd find herself on another continent in another world()


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