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All these stupid amendments - I grumbled when I closed the program It's been a long time since college I've had to look into the exact details more and more recently I was slowly calm the atmosphere of the vast imposing library always reassured me I was about to get out of the plane when I remembered to go through my mail It was the others that made me feel better One of my high school classmates invited me to a weekend getaway with the rest of the class I wrote back a few lines quickly when I realized the letter had been delivered five days ago and then I did some thinking Could it have saved my relationship with Krista if I'd read the message in time and brought up the idea of a trip together? The others will probably all be arriving with their dates and yesterday my girlfriend put the rest of my stuff in a shopping bag in front of the apartment
- Aah - I've been avoiding the idea - our problems wouldn't have been solved by a little weekend getaway
I arrived a little nervous Friday night at the rally point I was afraid that I was the only one without a date but fortunately that concern was soon disproved by two of my teenage friends Then suddenly everyone arrived Lots of familiar faces happy laughter I'm surprised how well organized everything is We threw the bags into the cars and we were on our way I was tired and the truth is for the next two hours it was just a dull background noise that the others had been making over the years I watched dinner and the next conversation almost half asleep When I finally went to bed I couldn't sleep right away Before my eyes closed the faces slowly fluttered Classmates husbands wives Teachers engineers economists - Well we've been studying so hard all these years for nothingI got stuck in a face And then another one appeared I thought it was strange when I left but I didn't have time to think about it
Racheland his girlfriend Fanni Girlfriend? What girlfriend? Or is it a lover? Partner? I was shocked at my own thoughts I'm not a prude it's not that But Rachel being a lesbian? No that's impossible I couldn't move on the other faces were gone that day I fell asleep with the pictures of the two women The next day I shrugged it off when they asked me about the trip during breakfast
- I'm good to go - I told you I was at last rested and I was able to concentrate more easily on the details Rachel Held Fanni's hand all the way sometimes even a kiss landed on her neck and on her face
- He's rebelling - I laughed at myself-it hasn't changed in that respect over the years Well I didn't really think it was a platonic relationship after all I wonder if the others can't see that Or is it just that they're discreet and they don't show that they notice anything? It was interesting
I could not perceive anything from the landscape and though I had spoken to someone if they had asked me what I had said I would have been thoroughly mistaken Then we got back to the hotel slowly It was only then that I realized I was sweating from the tour It was too early for lunch and we all voted for swimming I took a quick shower put on my swim trunks and I was at the pool I was just talking on the beach
- Where are Rachel's? They said they were coming - I heard Judith's voice after a while No one responded Everyone was in the water It's like we're not grown menwe're young kids
"I'll see what's wrong with them" I said with my head back to the questioner - I forgot to put my contacts out anyway I walked slowly up the stairs 218 that's it I knocked on the door and waited Nothing It was moving in there but it wasn't coming at all The bed creaked I knocked again but nothing again Do you want me to come in? I'm not naiveI knew what was going on in there I firmly pressed the doorknob and quietly entered the room
That was the view I was expecting Rachel was lying on the bed her friend was kneeling over her Although it didn't come as a surprise to me I was pinned to the ground for a minute by the picture
- Mm-hmm- I cleared my throat the first time I got full of what I saw The two women caught their heads at the same time In Rachel's eyes panic fear Fannie's shyness andI find that hard to believeinterest?
- What the hell are you doing here? - I was raised by Rachel's sharp voice She was out of her mind The sight of her full breasts wavering with anger drew my eyes in a calming manner
'You were late I came up to see if there was anything wrong' I replied as calmly as I could
- Get out now - he kept yelling helpless For a moment there I was not sure what to do


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