he’s better than my ex girlfriend at sucking me says carson to trey evans

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What should I do if I switch late something is wrong I really don't What should I do if the person I love who is the center of all life has a sense of humor a sense of company is charming in bed? What do I do if I've been lying blind with him for too long my hands in cuffs and I open my eyes? I know what it's like to be enchanted by a kiss ismi is also the crazy ecstasy that she can give body to body And it's good to believe that it's gonna change somehow it's gonna change With him The kiss is cheesy on my lips on my body anywhere I turn my head away I get angry over time: swallow it- That doesn't change anything I got it from a lot of peopleI barely gave it to themI have already learned to give instinctively I have mastered how to where best the Acorn the skin on it the body what it requires be sensual delicate wild when it is torturously slow just for the sake of greater pleasure and what the beautiful white drops on it and what it means when the testicles almost disappear upon my touch I'm doing it right because I'd expect the same thing something like that I'm happy at first to be able to give pleasure when I rarely get it helping myself to look like I'm getting it and then I don't care just get it over with Even more so let's not even get started I'm trying to show you not here not there not like that like Oh don't kiss me forget it Come on come onand it stays the sameHe's proud of me when they turn on me in the street he loves me for what he gets in bed and he's stubborn unable to change I believe Still I'm in love with the man all the way to the bed You know that's not gonna work All he sees is the opportunity Finding a reason is nothing he snores loudly so I'm going to sleep separately of course - I missed you last night I wanted to come to you I looked for you - bittersweet We'll make it to zero Still not a day goes by you don't say you love me or imply you love me I understand but I don't want him no and no That's enough Enough of that rolling around in his lust staying hungry or indulging two people like a groupie She's persistent stubborn and selfish yeah During his Sunday Sports TV roll-ups the complaining moans of him-take care of meI could kill him This hibernation is taking a long time I have to solve problems as usual there's a marriage responsibility I won't run away Task it is also nothing else if task then there is solution Flash I made this man who taught him what how and why? I made a mistake I gave it and I didn't teach it to give it back I expected it to do it instinctively just like I learnedIt's a cheap trick I know I'll wait in the tub light a candle Vivaldi owns the apartment musically He took a peek - Hi - hi - he's used to itI've got dillies he'd leave me alone I'll get him to climb in and do the laundry here and there Your eyes glisten when I step out what do I step out? I'm leaving the tub gracefully Hey Drops of water on my skin candlelight brushing my teeth standing behind me looking in the mirror but I shouldn't even be looking at how you want me I'm going to put toothpaste on my finger and I'm going to put it in his mouth and then I'm going to kiss him gently That's pretty good I'll take her to the bedroom she'll come on to me yeah I'll show you a nono I caress her body and myself And then it was just me With my hand my finger from my vagina to my clitoris from there to my nipples I will pamper "me" in a rhythmless rhythm while I will stop it several times no you cannot touch me I enjoy it more and more I enjoy it I let it torment me I pull my modesty apart see what I do and how I do I'm not trying to teach you no I'm not trying to teach you I'm just trying to let you starve like I've been starving for so long One finger two in me-when I plug it in it's the best time I confess to her as a vicious narcissistic woman I'm experienced and I've had my share of it and I had to love it myself and I loved it next to it I make noises that you've never heard because they're honestAnd then he will Keep it tight down He's squeezing my body against my back his hands are all over me he's settling down between my thighs he's covered in my wildly throbbing sensitive treasures I want to be free and go on angry because he won't let me Tick-Tock the clock We're listening What do you think? I don't know I screwed up and I'm ashamed His hand is still there where the desire is fading and when it is fading he controls it gently turning me on my back He kisses like that his tongue barely touches me so all the way up and down and up I have goose bumps I want them so bad I don't want to ruin them what's up with that? Just my life I guess It's as maddeningly slow slower than I'd like it to be because there was some foreplay just now there's a moment when I would have lost faith throw it aside complete myself as usual I'm not gonna do thatThis time he's the one who won't let me touch him I can only hold him He drilled his head between my thighs and yes there too the same already measured barely touching the tip of his tongue barely all my senses are operating on this Lassan that I am You put one foot around my neck you go in but just a little bit and then over and over again I scream little bits on each of them that's unusual too A moment when I can't take it anymore I slide my legs down I pull her on me and I Wild the sequel Hey stop there are times when you need speed and it's now especially when there's so much going on I am overwhelmed by lust not unknown but the most beautiful thing in my life is the defeat of him and me the last wave of pleasure that brings me recognition the saving of my marriageIt won't always be like this of course I know there'll be other problems so I'll figure it outwe'll figure it out Not a line but not the "keresdanőt" text because everything in the background she is the woman's And that please is responsibility you have to learn to live with it free nice smart and gentle not emancipate at all to discover what is the beauty of our sex and to remain in itNow you want me to squeeze your back warm up some more pepper fries find the TV Guide close the blinds- Break it with me NAA NAA (I could kill him)
- You're trying to kill me
Yeah I could kill him Because I love her


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