Asianrawload: Cumpilation 2017 (Part 1)

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It was dark and deadly quiet in that little apartment I rented for the weekend Apart from the rustling of the leaves when the wind tore them off the branches and scattered them on the porch and the quiet water flowing on the rocks this place was exactly what I wanted Quiet and quiet no phone calls no neighbors nothing to do but sit and relax I'm starting to come to terms with breaking up my marriage
I was tired to the bone so I closed the door behind me and looked around the room The living room had an open stove and comfortable furniture the kitchen was state-of-the-art all the modern equipment the bathroom was glowing the fragrant towels were thick and soft the bath was tempting
Compared to the other rooms of the apartment the bedroom was very strange furnished with old-fashioned furniture The baldachin bed with mosquito nets chutes filled with pashetol and a duffel gave me a sense of mysticism I wonder who else has slept in this bed and why
"They are probably honeymooners" I murmured to myself as I examined the sheets which were crisp and fresh
I put away the little things I brought with me and I set about to start a fire in the fireplace and light the candles I was too tired to go to the bathroom so I put on my nightgown and opened a bottle of wine
I lay down and enjoyed being alone Then I started thinking about my future The wind whistled and the distant thunder indicated that the rain was coming I was holding my third glass of wine and I was reaching for it to pick it up when I had an icy shiver running down my spine and the room suddenly cooled down
I looked around the room scared Nothing I jumped out of bed checked the doors and the windows They were closed Some heavy raindrops spanked the tin roof which is probably what cooled the air I shrugged my nerves off my shoulders and went back to bed and got comfortable but meanwhile the candles began to blink casting long shadows on the walls and they almost went out but then they burst into flames again
I knew I'd locked the windows and the doors that were perfectly closed Then why did the candles start to blink? There was no wind My anxiety returned and I with the strength of my strength tried to quell the panic that came upon me
Now there was a weight on the duvet I was so scared I was gasping for air and I almost screamed and I pulled the blanket up to my chin as if it would relieve the pressure That weight had risen but I had a distinct feeling that it had remained at the foot of the bed It all happened so fast I didn't even know if it was my imagination or if it really happened I took my glass and drank my wine while laughing nervously
I don't usually sleep with candlelight but the fear just got too much on me so I didn't put them out Once again I was buried in the duvet and closed my eyes when the duvet suddenly began to float I pulled him back and I put him around me closed my eyes because I didn't want to see anything I was so scared Something just pulled the duffel and I pulled it back
But that thing kept pulling at him more and more Then suddenly it stopped I was now a little loosened by my grip as I held on to the duffel and that thing tried to pull it off me again I don't know how long it's been like thisI lost track of time It was obvious that thing was playing with me Finally the fear was replaced by curiosity and I let them pull the duffel off me and then I saw it fly into the corner of the room
I was just lying there my breathing got heavy I looked at every little corner of the room to see if I could see anything a vision a creature or any sign of what's in that room I remembered the word "poltergeist" and the horror movie itself from a few years ago
Seconds passed then minutes I thought it was all over I wondered what that thing was up to what it wanted from me and as I thought it was gone I wanted to sit up But something pushed me back and not just with fingers it was a cold airflow
Something just slowly pushed my nightgown up my thigh very slowly so slowly that my eyes were fixed and I followed the movement trying to figure out how all this was possible There was an icy current running through my flesh giving me goosebumps everywhere he touched me I could feel her breathing down my chest I didn't realize I was holding my breath and then suddenly two cold hands grabbed me and I screamed Something stuck to my lips and opened my mouth with force and then a cold tongue slipped in
I breathed in breath because I was afraid yet I am amused It was the most incredible experience of my life()


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