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This Christmas we spent Christmas at my partner's parents ' house My partner Gábor and I have been together for four years and he's already proposed to me He gambled away a large sum of money so that we could finally arrange our wedding Our relationship is perfect We're inseparable
Her parents live 200 miles away so we slept there for a few days I finally got to meet her sister who works abroad in America to be exact And he hasn't been home in four years Her name is Angi and she's 30 I've never seen him before
On his way to his parents we were greeted by a huge house Beautifully decorated garden We went in his mom was waiting in the kitchen with a bright smile He hugged us around
- Where's my long-lost sister?
- He's upstairs "said Gabor's mother and cried to him
There was a beating as he ran down the stairs and then he fell into Gábor and hugged him
- It's so good to see you - he laughed
- You too
- I'm such a jerk I didn't introduce myself I'm Angie Gabi's sister
- Nice to meet you And I'm Liza
We sat down for dinner Stuffed cabbage fried turkey and many other delicacies covered the table
We talked at dinner We talked about the relationship thing
- It's so good to be home I'm lonely out there - said Angi
- What do you mean? I thought you had someone there
- Oh no
- You're so beautiful I can't believe there's not a guy
- I do but I don't want it
- I don't know
- Because my sister's a lesbian - said Gabor absent-minded
- Shut up - he hit Angi Gábor - Maybe he hates gays
- No you're not I don't have a problem with them
- All right then I'm a lesbian
But I don't really like American women So far I haven't found anything meaningful
I'm a little shocked by the fact but it's been messing with my imagination I couldn't place the feeling but I was drawn to him and me
After dinner it was a gift
Your sister handed me a giant box wrapped in American flag paper I opened it and it was full of American stuff T-shirt pants et cetera There was a cardboard sheet underneath that I took out and it was full of baby stuff Bottle dress toy Cardboard again I took it out and I blushed at the sight Sex toys A big pink vibrator Geisha ball lubricant condom
I looked up with cancer Red
 A little color for your sex life or boring days
Gábor and his parents were laughing and I felt a little uncomfortable
- Relax it's a joke I like to give funny gifts - he told me
- Oh I see - I laughed embarrassed
Gábor's gift was similar with a porno film and a fake pussy and everything
It was weird for me this girl and the way her parents thought it was normal I'm sure they're used to having a crazy daughter though
We still gave each other the other gifts
It was too late We said good night to each other and went up to the room On the second floor was our room and an empty room On the first floor is Angi's room a bathroom and a working-out/gym room Gábor fell asleep quickly because of the wine and I was just tossing and turning I was thinking about angina He's so free so full of life He's kind he's got a good vibe he's crazy and he's crazy-looking I saw the girl in front of me I scanned her from her toe to the top of her head Her beautiful legs her perfect hips her tight ass her flawless belly her round breasts her exquisite neck her sexy lips her beautiful eyes her beautiful hair And now they're all naked
I sat up in bed What's wrong with me? I dream of my beloved's sister and I never thought I'd be with a woman
I got out of bed I took a cigarette out of my bag and headed to the first-floor bathroom My in-laws told me that because it's cold outside and the apartment can't smoke so I can use the first floor bathroom because it's rarely used I went by Angi's room He had a blurry glass door I saw the tv on I felt compelled to go in there and dig in but I wasn't that brave I went to the bathroom but I didn't turn out the lights I was in a pair of panties and a T-shirt As I walked in I smelled cigarettes and I thought maybe Angie had a cigarette here recently
I sat down on the toilet seat and lit the cigarette I was thinking and once again the images of me and Angi stroking each other came out I was so excited that I wanted to touch myself there and then
Suddenly someone opened the curtain on the tub next to me
I screamed so hard
- Hey hey it's me Angi Easy easy easy - she was shushing me
- Oh my God You scared the hell out of me
- I'm sorry - he smiled
- What are you doing in the tub? Pajamas? No water?
- I'm smoking - raise your hand with the cigarette in it
- Oh I see
- Sorry if you thought my gift was scary I like to give crap for fun


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