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This story begins a long time ago but the memories of the years have burned into my heart forever And to get the good reader to feel it so I'm going to briefly address that Once Upon a time when I was transferred to high school I realized that nothing associated with money could ever make me happy That was partly because we were always short-lived Then I decided that I would never be an Adonis but I would find all the things that would ruin a woman's relationship and I would never do those things That's how I started high school when I was a kid but with thoughts that even grown-ups often miss But I could never overcome my physical abilities
Pre 1-My first love in five years of high school has never been conquered which is at the expense of my studies so Even though I got two professions I was never happy at any time no matter what I did That's when I started chatting unlike some people who could go to parties and find a mate
Pre 2-in pest girls I never had such a chance most of the meetings were never attended or even if they were there it was very rare that 2 there was an opportunity to meet Sometimes I fell in love with a/a girl who tried to comfort me in my constant disappointments but it always ended with the end of friendship
Pre three or a few weeks before my college starts and I'm still in pain My only good fortune is that the computer I blame for shaping myself has an outstanding understanding I couldn't even stand my ground in college I kept getting to know her online I couldn't even reach out to a girl so I wouldn't be embarrassed by the answer Then I meet a girl called Krista She was a little thin not very feminine but it felt really good to look her in the eye He was the first person I met three times I was almost sure I could spend the rest of my life with him when he decided he didn't want to see me anymore
I write to a girl broken by a previous disappointment I don't even look at the pictureit's enough to fit my age And he writes back which I'm surprised by a few simple and meaningless lines I'll set up a meeting tomorrow
2-the encounter: as always I arrive early long before so as not to avoid it When the time comes I get nervous and sad because there's not a girl anywhere that fits that description I'll call him tell him he's running a little late I'm dying as usual One day he'll come but I can't believe it As I look back on it I'm still bitter I approach him with the calm of the underdog we go for a walk I'm looking for a place in the city park where there's only two of us My name was Livia she had beautiful brown hair beautiful blue eyes and beautiful lips Your radiance is hurting me She looks like the last girl but a little more body
I'll ask her if I can hold her hand and tell her I dated a few days ago I notice that he has a tiny scar on his leg and I ask him what happened to him and he says he cut himself when he was getting ready I figured she was looking for a better guy that's why she was so prepared for him I'm running out of things to talk about and I notice you're uncomfortable Well I guess there's something wrong and I was beginning to hope so
- Do you want to sit closer? I didn't understand it at the time but moments from now I'm going through the first kisses of my life I've waited six years for this moment We stand up and I put my arm around him and I'm getting braver and braver as if all my inhibitions are gone My instincts are kicking in I can feel the tension in my pants I'm coming empty while he's kissing me hoping it won't stain my pants
I can't get enough of kissing I'm trying to kiss the neck gently and I'm losing my old self even more as I feel like I'm doing the right thing I kiss you less than half an hour we must leave soon but it will be just as long before we can leave He says he's happy I'm happy but like anyone who hasn't suffered so much can never be We'll meet again the next day I spend a lot of time with him kissing him hugging him and slowly the past becomes a bad memory I know I can't love anyone else anymore
We've been together three to six weeks There have been hard times but I prefer it to give up for anything She's all I want and I can't resist her in anything She'll be with me on Saturday and I hope I can do everything that makes her happy I'm very afraid My only happiness in life is her  I'll take you to the library except for the janitor Something's wrong He's pulling his hand away I feel trouble but I love him I'll stick with it no matter what I'd like to marry her sometime It's breaking my heart She's breaking up with me I'm not going to school that day


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