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- Are you sure? - I asked him
- Oh yeah - the defiant answer came
 Trust me you're better off with a good Linux distribution I'll put any one up for you And I'll explain the whole thing - I tried to convince him Explaining the whole thing was of course overkill
- But I'm fine with Windows I'm just a dumb blonde woman Linux is for you brilliant men
That's a hitI surrendered It's a fact and it's a fact that I used to grind my tongue out at the office telling "blonde lady jokes" but I swear she's not a dumb girl at all Just BLONDEEEEEE Oh yeah I used to hit on him but I didn't really hit on him Last I checked he had a friend of the hot type who used to drive up to the office building after work It's funny but sometimes Nóri would look back at me from the car door and make a face What I don't know is does he mean me or his boyfriend? In fact I've made it clear that he thinks I'm just some sort of work buddy and on the "no shooting rabbits" principle he won't even start with me I wasn't always around Nóri because I was in tech and I'm more of a client-person who puts computers in service and installs the Billy kid's junk softwareBut now it's finally doing some good Because now that Nóri has asked me to put together her PC and shake the software she won't be ungrateful Well if he wants Windows so be it At least once in a while if he dies of Blue death which I'm sure he will he'll ask me out again I wasn't really hoping for anything because I'm sure her boyfriend will be there and all I can do is work like a little angel but anyway It doesn't matter because he didn't take me seriously We had a thing for each other once Down in the material room we were making out like crazy and we were touching each other for like an hour and I was so horny that my underwear got all wet and then my long and "ineffectual" erection hurt my dick But it wasn't that it was that Nóri suddenly moved away fixed her dress and left me And the next day he talked to me like nothing happened Well that's the way things are with NóriI got what I needed I didn't overdo it just a quick Celeron proci big RAM medium winchi modem et cetera She just wants to go online Nora Forums chats Yeah The ForumI know that band like bad money There are some supermen who say they never lose their tails and their girls (of course every day another) lie there screaming at each other for hours of pleasure Comments with core content are produced page by page Whose dick is longer whose dick lasts longer from the front or the back how many times in a row and what it means one after the other
Bullshit You have to fuck not talk about it
I carried the bags up to Nóri with all the junk I was shocked when he opened the door Anyway her shapely hips were extremely sexy in her shorts And up there he was wearing a plaid shirt barely covering his half-apple-shaped tits because he didn't have a bra She had clear eyes and she glistened cheerfully I was like" I'm home " and I went through the hallway And what fell on the floor? The Grinch which is the most sensitive What a burn If it's broken EW
- I made room on the desk There's an outlet "Even blondes have a problem with that" said Nóri provocatively
I was grumbling and I was clearing out the stuff
- You want a soda or something? - and he's on his way I was fascinated by his hard ass as he went into the kitchen
I put the hardware together The usual trouble with the sharp-edged plates in the house and the crappy mother-in-law after I put up the motherboard and the winchi But there was no bigger problem Meanwhile Nóri brought orange juice and watched me fix you Sometimes he'd give me what I asked for and then our hands would touch It affected me so much that I dropped the screws several times and had to pry it out of the fan blades of the CPU
Now that was a blabbermouth After all it doesn't take much to build a PC I always carry a "survival kit" for this It consists of a screwdriver tweezers a couple of floppy disks and CDs for software installation and some boxes of condoms Now this isn't exactly for fitting it's for a different kind of twist But now I forgot that it's in the same place as the others and when I looked for the tweezers a bunch of condoms spilled
Damn it I looked up and I saw the mischievous look in turquoise's eyes
 Well you're a well-prepared piece of hardware Are these for the protection of blonde female clients? And they get to choose? - he was busting my balls
- Oh yeah - everything for the clients
 Funny that was never mentioned in our company's promotional campaign - he giggled and looked at the boxes with interest and even looked at them
- Look we're almost out of those It's a 12-pack This must be your favorite It says "ribbed dotted and anatomically shaped" I wonder what that's like? - he asked me out
- You can only really judge that on the job You've never seen anything like this on your friend? - I asked him back
- Not like this But why do you guys always care about your competition? Take care of us girls And how do you know I even slept with him?
I shrugged my shoulders but inside my chest I felt something warm Some cheering Could be I didn't?
I turned on the gizmo I was pleased to see the BIOS log-in on the monitor
- Ready already? "'said Nóri vividly But with a look of destruction I restored my authority
- What are you thinking? "The installation will follow only then and there may be problems" I said fussy - It could be an hour -
- Are you mad? - he asked suddenly
I didn't understand why In my astonishment he put his plain hand on mine I shook and stared at him
- That's why in the warehouse when I left you - he said it and he looked me in the eye
- Yeah no I'm not I just didn't understand why -
- You guys often don't get it I was kind of expecting you to hit on me "but you kept fooling around" he said reproachfully
He was right after all I love flirting with girls by the way but sometimes when things get serious I don't turn on or even turn off I still do I was embarrassed to look at the monitor again but I didn't know where I was Oh yeah I decided to put DOS first which is of course an advanced op system but it's a more secure base to put on the rickety house of the Billy kid which is what they call Windows
While I was putting in the DOS floppy and starting a mold on the vinkin I sensed Nóri's hands massaging my shoulder At first I was tense but then I was relaxed He had sensual hands I had the numbers right in front of me: 10%20%30% formatted Looks like the Grinch is safe Meanwhile the soft but firm hands of Nóri gave me warmth on my spine and I felt a tingling in my groin I laid my head on the side of his hand and looked at the numbers that kept going: 50%60% Now Nóri was stroking my face and one finger slipped on the edge of his mouth I kissed her and slowly pressed her between my lips he let me
When the formatting was done I moved reluctantly to bid configsys to bring the CD back to life Then I did a CTRL-alt-DEL
- Are you listening to me? "Nori asked and turned my face towards you" I stood up drew his waist to me and I desired his soft moist lips so much that I had to kiss him His pretty eyes flashed before he closed them and we gave ourselves to the game with each other's tongues I put my arms around him my hands on his butt and he caressed to me and it immediately made him prance for me down there And he pressed his groin against me even more All right I've seen this before but where's he gonna stop now??
It seemed like a long kiss but it couldn't be because the machine had booted in and the DOS came in with a whistle I spilled back in the chair and put in the Windows CD
'I'll sit on your lap and watch you do it' said Nóri sitting on my left thigh She had a tough ass He put his arm around me I put the word "setup" in a slightly shaky hand the installer started and the screen appeared:Sit back and relax while installing Windows
During the automated installation process you will see some new features in Windows98 You'll get a taste of the new possibilities


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