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Due to my work I am involved in several projects so I travel abroad several times a year Trips focus mainly on work but sometimes they also create opportunities for other non-business things
On this last trip we had a project meeting in a nearby Big City Several Hungarian colleagues participated in the event which took place in the usual course Registration mid-morning class lunch coffee break and the afternoon goodbye We're not going out for wine tonight and everyone ends up in the other bed at a meeting just like they always do The essence of my story took place during lunch In such projects organisers always look to each other to bring participants from different countries together and not to feel the borders of the country at the table However Hungarian ingenuity is always shown because although Hungarian people do not speak while eating it is possible to do so in Hungarian
So there was a good Hungarian table where the project and similar opportunities were laid out next to the delicious lunch
One of the Hungarian colleagues has already looked at me several times Blonde short hair shapely buttocks proportional breasts nice smart face good humor etc oh and two kids and a husband
I'm not saying there was a spark in the air around us but we caught each other's eye a lot and there was a well-known look from adolescence I'm in a relationship and neither one of us has taken a step towards each other but I've always had this fantasy about the lady in question
At the end of lunch I thought I'd go to the toilet ask the guy next door where I could find him and then he got up and said he had to come with me
- Shall we march together? - he asked
- Yeah V-shaped South - I played the humor Herold
- Right this way sir right this way
- Thank you very much for the directions Ma'am - I agreed to the game
Down the stairs to the left Unfortunately we parted ways here While I was doing my job I was wondering if you could come in and lock the door behind you I had to warn myself to stop ' cause it's gonna be hard to pee with a boner
After washing my hands I thought I'd wait for the ladysince we came together let's go back together
She came out of the bathroom and smiled at me from behind her glasses
- What's going on?
"Nothing I'm just in a good mood" he says
She stopped close to me I could smell her my head started to Twitch I have to get this woman she ran through my mind
- You've been thinking now I wonder what's on your mind
- Hmm if I told you that now you'd be surprised
- I'm really curious
- I thought I should have you I'm sorry but I did think of that
I wouldn't say the shock on his face was complete but I think he knew what every man would think in a situation like this
- Tell me what you'd do to me
Fuck you Well I certainly didn't see that coming
- All right if you want to hear it
- Yes very much
I'll come closer kiss you Your mouth is very good it tastes good I'll savor it massage your tongue with mine You respond to the kiss you sigh big and you reciprocate My hand moves on your back and then it goes after your much admired ass I caress your butt and my other hand caresses your neck and sometimes it gets in and out of your hair You're getting more active You grab my ass and you're breathing faster and faster Looks like you got that part of me
It's like we're eating each other's mouths and it's getting hotter and faster We can barely breathe anymore Then I'm gonna turn you over push you against the wall and I'm gonna take care of your neck Your skin is so good it smells so good it's driving me crazy The way I walk down your neck and back of your neck with my tongue makes you crazy from what I hear I'm gonna reach out with my hands and grab your tits They're good not too big not too small
I can't control myself anymore my dick is so hard I keep rubbing it against your butt judging by the little moves you're already looking for me I'm going to unbutton your shirt but I'm only going to let it off half-off and I've always been very excited about half-hanging half-left clothes But let's take your bra off real quick so I can feel your skin stroke your nipples while you continue to sigh and moan
I can't take it anymore I'm gonna unbutton your jeans and I'm gonna unbutton them and I'm gonna pull them down and I'm gonna see your shapely ass and your thong is so tiny it's like you're not wearing anything I love this I have to taste your ass lick it kiss it and bite it in bits and pieces You're enjoying this Back you look down at me in your eyes a mixture of urge and desire


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