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I woke up in a daze Wow what a dream I had And then it started to clear up I heard voices coming from the kitchen I wasn't wearing any underwear Maybe I wasn't dreaming? Now what? Up until now I've been able to protect my little sister from myself What Have I done to her?
It suddenly occurred to me how much I've longed for him since my sexuality started to awaken but I deliberately kept him away from me so as not to hurt him As I watched her take a bath I always tried to see up her skirt her beautiful panties or her breasts growing under her blouse Just like most of the time I indulged myself with the idea of physical contact with him There was a time when I treated her like a blanket so I wouldn't get any closer to her I used to tease him and I almost went crazy for him When Zhu entered his circle and became his best friend he told me his girlfriend was off limits I don't give a damn about him I learned to treat Zhu as a friend although in my fantasy he did occasionally turn up while I was indulging myself And then I remembered the one time I was able to watch sis masturbate It was just the two of us at home and the door was open a little bit From a mirror I could see his bed where he was completely naked stroking between his legs Of course I touched myself immediately and we peaked almost at the same time He started moaning really loud lifting his hip several times until he finally reached out on the bed I shot it out but I pulled PJ out and into it It's been in my dreams for a long time Oh my god my manhood is spiking again I don't feel like it
I put my pants on and I went to the kitchen Sis was sitting at the dining room table with her legs up He pulled his T-shirt over his knees and feet Zhu fully dressed I sat down next to the coffee
- You look like shit - "said Sister
 I'm gonna finish my coffee take a bath come to my senses - I spit it out
- I'll pick you up later - he told Sister Zhu and gave her a kiss
- Don't I get one? - I did
- Yeah if you want to - He came over kissed my face I took her head and kissed her
- I'll be waiting for you too - I told him He smiled and left
I drank my coffee and went to the bathroom
- Oh my god It's just me and Sis What happens now? - That's what I was thinking I don't care I need to get past this I took a bath cleaned up I wrapped a bigger bathrobe around me and went outside I sat back at the table
- Sorry about last night sis - I spoke with great difficulty
- I don't know Do you regret it? - he asked
 I've wanted you for a very long time but it's not how I imagined it - I spit it out
- I don't know What were you thinking? - he sounded sarcastic
I was listening
- You don't want to tell me? -
She's a horrible person If you want something you won't stop until you reach it
- Well it's a lot more subtle taking better care of you… -
- Will you show me? - and he looked at me with strangely shiny eyes
I took out the bottle of whiskey the girls carefully put away and filled
- You want some? - and I looked at him
- No I'm not But you just keep drinking - he answered
I had a little drink and went to my sister's I stood behind him stroked his hair his neck a little bit of his face I leaned close to her hair and smelled it It smelled really good and then I pulled it aside and kissed it on the back of his neck I could feel her skin reacting to my approach
I was terrified of the possibility that what I experienced last night was half stunned I could live again today My manhood is so tense it's like it's about to burst The towel fell off my waist I stroked sister's shirt completely free of her threw it aside freeing her beautiful breasts which I admired from behind and above so that I could feel them with my hands Sister groaned at my touch and turned her head a little looking for a mouth she had found At first I walked in circles with little kisses on his lips nose eyes and then opening my mouth a little I caught on to the mouth of God which he had also opened giving way to my tongue which had not been delayed and slipping through his mouth began to taste and map it I have determined that her mouth tastes very good and it is a wonderful thing to do with my tongue To deny it I was trembling at the prospect of getting sis today My manhood has exploded so tense I could feel the hardness of her nipples I turned him from the chair to the table and kneeling in front of him I began to kiss his knees He opened his legs slowly On the inner side of his thighs I began to kiss him with little kisses when I reached him placing his legs on my shoulders above the little hill kissing his belly Little moans left her lips I looked up to him reading from his eyes longing admiration()


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