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It's about one of the most beautiful years of my college days:
I got accepted to one of the universities in DC but unfortunately I didn't get a college seat So I had to find a place to rent I almost gave up hope of finding one in every way I rang the door almost in the last resort Soon a very attractive middle-aged woman answered the door red-haired Chestnut-eyed athletic She was wearing a floral T-shirt her breasts stretched to the middle of her thighs like a ripe apple and she didn't seem to be wearing a bra
"How can I help you" he asked smiling " I have come to see the room if it is still available"
- Yeah you can check it out "This way" he said closing the door behind us "excuse me" said he " let me lead the way" "as she passed me I could smell her perfume and she was walking behind her back her butt-swaying motion and her tiny knickers which were passing through the thin fabric distracted me
"That is it" said The Voice opening the small room door to me
The "hole" used to be in the block houses was two or three meters long I'm not surprisedthey showed them everywhere else It had a bed a thin cabinet and a desk Now all I wanted was the price:
 The room would be fine but the question is what's it gonna take?
 What do you do for a living if I may ask?
"I'm in college I'm just starting my first year" I stood up proudly because it always felt good to look older than I am
- Oh that's great Actually I was gonna rent the room to a girl but I don't have a problem with your college boy You know I thought she was older and well a divorcee wouldn't take in a complete stranger You understand that don't you?
My heart was pounding divorced and looking so good and now I didn't care if I had to pay more How much better it feels to come home in a strange city when you don't see an old hag in your apartment but an attractive mature woman
"Of course I understand" I murmured with joy " there have been times when I have been looked older
"Then if you are interested let's sit in the living room" he led me to a more spacious room
Its tasteful furnishings told us that the owner likes to spend his free time in comfort Corner seat which can be converted into a bed small table modern row of lockers television and a mini-Fi But many flowers and DYS adorned the room
"Have a seat" he pointed to the couch and I sat down He sat across from me and then I freaked out as he threw his naked thighs at each other
He told me how much he thought about the room and that it included the rent
I was very surprised because that was nothing more than what they asked for elsewhere
I wanted to say yes immediately but seeing my astonished face added:
- You know - he stopped for a second - I think we can call each other by name because I have a daughter in college but she's studying in Miskolc I know how much it costs to study especially for people who aren't local another man is good to have around the house and you seem so trustworthy That's why I'm giving it to you so cheaply okay?
 Well that would be perfect for me so I'm taking it out
- Then I'm Kati who do I respect?
I introduced myself:
 As of today you have the room and welcome Let's call each other names and he kissed me on the cheek
"Hello Kati" I returned your kindness
I moved in soon I was free to move around the apartment I could use the kitchen if I wanted to cook The bedroom was the only private place I didn't have access to but I respected that Of course Kati showed it to methere was a double bed in it a mirror cabinet and a vanity full of cosmetics When he showed it to me he told me that his daughter (whose picture was on the vanity table and looked very pretty) only comes home every now and then but he won't bother because there's room for them on the big bed so I don't have to go home
The bathroom was between my room and hers and the living room opposite Fortunately the toilet was separate from the bathroom so we didn't have to worry about opening up to each other in the shower when we needed it I felt a little sorry for that myself
Kati worked as a clerk at a boutique came home early in the afternoon I've usually found it somewhere by the time I got back from college He gave a great deal to his appearance and he liked to wear bolder clothes It is no wonder that his good figure has been highlighted by these clothes He liked lace things in the bathroom I could tell from the things on the dryer In some places he always liked to wear a T-shirt I spent a lot of time in the tub on the tiny panties and bras drying over me()


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