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The story began in the summer of 2010 when a new girl arrived in our group of friends (His name remains a secret)
At first sight she seemed like an ordinary girl who I couldn't say too pretty but not too ugly I didn't have any emotional or sexual affection for her until the end of the summer when we went to the beach near the lake
It was a big lakewe used to come here in the summer to cool off That's when I first saw her in a bikini and caught my attention
From the beach I watched him laugh and swim with the othersThe way his thin body flows into the water I felt a strange tingling when I was trying to stop it
One dull afternoon the band didn't get together as usual so I was bored to deathAll of a sudden I got a text from him saying " how about we go down to the lake because he's really bored too" You didn't have to ask me to double-checkI agreed
About an hour and a half later we were down on the lake where we quickly took off our clothes under which he was wearing his bikini
We took a huge leap and played in the waterI threw it at him he sprayed me I threw mud at him
When I lifted it sometimes it unwittingly touched my dick which began to grow I tried to move without him noticing but the water wasn't cold enough to shrink me :)
At the next lift his butt was rubbing against my dick which he "unfortunately" noticed and he laughed and asked:
- Do you have a hard-on?
- Uh-huhA little bit
- Oh it's not that small
- I'm sorryI've never had anything like this happen before
- It's okayit's a perfectly natural reaction
This conversation was a laugh the whole time and the mood lifted the tension
At the next raise he was rubbing himself against my dick and I snipped him
And then we started talking in the water close to each other and suddenly I felt his hand caressing my dick of course through a dress
- What are you doing? I asked him a little bit panting
- You like that don't you? He answered with a flirty smile
- Of course I like itI couldn't finish my sentence because he kissed me
I tried to deal with the weird thing but I couldn't do anything else so I let things happen
I grabbed her pretty little butt that was covered in the bottom of her bikini and then I lifted her slightly to cross her legs
I slowly walked towards the beach with her in my arms and laid her on the soft grass after I took off her light blue bra
I massaged her fine-palm breasts which she acknowledged with low salivations
Through the cloth I put my stiff prancing dick to his soft pussy which made him lift his hip and rub himself against my tail
Slowly I began to kiss his neck his keychain and then I began to pet his delicate hard nipples with my tongue
I felt he was enjoying what I was doing so encouraged I moved further down to his belly which I touched with my tongue
I came to the height of his hip and I could feel from his body's passionate flickering movements that he wanted it very much


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