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It was a nice warm early day that suddenly made a difference in Tom's life When the 19-year-old boy came home from vocational school it was like it was before She dropped her purse in the corner kicked off her shoes and went to the kitchen where her stepmom like she did every day was waiting for her lunch Margaret was still standing by the stove and as usual a friendly Hello"he greeted Tom with val
As soon as Margaret turned to put the food on the table Tom stopped talking She looked stunning Tom's throat is dry Is she your stepmom?
In fact she's always looked like this and she was really her mother But on this day he saw something different Margaret was a wonderful woman Recently celebrated the 39th her birthday but she didn't look that age at all He was tall reddish-brown hair pretty face always attractive
He had something very special Margaret was very thin almost thin but she had huge breasts By their size they did not look forward but they were just a little hung down obeying the gravity Tom never paid much attention to it after all she was his stepmother Her mother died shortly after she was born Her father raised her alone at least 15 until his birthday when he met her and loved Margaret
Unfortunately Margaret had to take care of herself since the fatal accident that happened a year ago Now he lives in an apartment with his 19-year-old stepson He had a job he started at 8: 00 AM and he didn't get home till dawn When Tom asked if he could visit he said he worked in a bar in the big city next door and he didn't have time to do it on the job Tom took care of it
Her friends were always envious of her attractive stepmother but to her until this day she was just her mother Before Margaret met her husband she enjoyed life in all aspects In fact he didn't count on what he was destined to do as a housewife and mother During his studies he dabbled in many forms of art which determined his life and his desire for his future at the time
Then she met her husband Tom's father and she knew he was the love of her life Their marriage was good Exceptionally good A lot of people in their neighborhood envied Margaret and Bernd for their marriage which all those years together remained intact
Of course Bernd has become more conservative over the years he has calmed down in bed as time progresses - but so what? "That's life" thought Margaret and she was completely comfortable with it but then there was that fatal accident with the car
Margaret wore a perfect pair of jeans that day adding a tight stretch top with breathtaking cleavage Actually it wasn't her style to dress up like that in front of her stepson But soon he had to go to work because one of his colleagues had fallen out So he's already wearing his costume at home and not just at the club he worked at a few months ago Other times they were mostly conservative pieces that Margaret wore The outline of her bra under her top It looked like she was wearing a padded bra because her breasts looked even more round than they actually would have been Tom felt a chill running down his back Is she really his stepmother? You've never seen your mother in that outfit Yeah well he got home an hour early from school but why is he suddenly dressed so sexy? Why didn't you ever realize how incredibly hot you look?
- What? "she asked Margaret and shook Tom out of his dreams with this"  Why are you looking at me with such big eyes? The top is new I bought it this morning when I went shopping with Monica You don't like it? - he was serious
- Yes yes yes very much - said Tom - This one - he was looking for the right word - yeah great it looks fantastic on you mom
- Well it's worth it Still I think it's too cool for me but Monica says I'm not supposed to hide what I have
He came to the table to put the food down so he inevitably had to lean forward Tom had no choice but to take a deep look at Margaret's cleavage You saw how her breasts were only held back by the bra from swinging down At the same time he realized that his dick had straightened out in his pants
All he could think of was "Oh my god" He couldn't say anything He had to do something fast because the bulge on his pants was already visible
- I'll be right back I have to go to the bathroom mama "Tom muttered jumped up and quickly disappeared into the nearby toilet"
Margaret had a good idea why her son was so disturbed or rather excited The bulge didn't go unnoticed You underestimated the effect of your new shirt Is it the sight of him that turned your son on so much that he had to go to the bathroom immediately to calm himself down? This is crazy He didn't count on that The thought turned him on too He grabbed her by the chest and briefly caressed her()


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