LatinLeche – Cameraman Rawdogs A Pervy Fanboy

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I feel so alone with no one to hug me to cuddle me to wipe my tears You're beside me but I can't touch you I watch quietly what you write to me comfort me in vain infinitely kind but it's just oil on fire You're so far away so far away The minutes run the big round Moon comes up the happy stars follow to light up the dark night full of monsters show the way to the wandering spirits and watch the first loving timid kiss of a young couple wandering along the shore of Lake Balaton Their light runs through the window sneaks into my bed to cover it with a silver blanket You're tired I'm sending you to sleep with a heavy heart to wake up fresh tomorrow hoping that when you open your eyes your first thought will be me and maybe even write to me during the day You'll be happy to tell me that you had a dream with me that I was in your arms and you'll carry on sad and that I disappeared along with the first light of the Sun that the sweet vision was gone
I'm turning the machine off I pick up my blue bunny towel crawl into the bathroom my lazy shuffle breaks the silence into a thousand pieces I look in the mirror and I look at her and I look like I've never seen her before I stare at those two red-eyed eyes at the path of a tear leaving a bright stripe on the lovely face How did this happen? That's not me but where am I? I want to find myself my honest smile my joy of life and all the love that lies in my heart
I slowly start to undress my clothes touch down with a faint glide bewitched by watching the mirror I look critically at every part of my body and then I find it with a sigh of acceptance and I still have something to hold on to I will crush my dark brown hair on my shoulder with a tiny green scrunchie but I will not take my hand away slip it on my neck enjoy its cool touch let it wander from there to my shoulder smooth the smooth curve of my breasts and finally through my belly find the dark well-developed strip that shows the way to the garden of delights With a great sigh I open the water stand in the shower impatiently turn it hotter I want it to burn my skin wash all the dirt off me not just my body but my soul so that soon a thick mist will rise little clouds will form and roll up and up I'm going to put a scented shower gel on my sponge and I'm going to rub my body like crazy until the patty turns red I feel much better fresh and fresh stepping into my pink fluffy slippers In the bright light the water drops shine like little diamonds on my skin I wipe them carefully brush my teeth with my delicious lemon mint-flavored toothpaste and go to sleep
When I get to the bed I stop astonished the moon shines fantastic its beautiful light flows through my fingers It's a magical night a charming sensual wild passionate night of lovemaking I think of you hard and the miracle happens()


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