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I had a quiet afternoon at the office My last meeting was canceledmy bosses were at a conference Nothing happened and while I could have done some paperwork I was pretty tired I decided to come in early next week I didn't think my friend Paola would be home so when I opened the door to my apartment I was surprised to hear the TV I thought I'd surprise him but when I looked in the room he surprised me
There was porn on TV a pretty young girl had a dick dancing in her mouth and a few moments later he pulled it out and put a nice amount of sperm on her face Paola didn't know I was behind him so he got all worked up moaning and moaning The TV was showing a different scene; another sexy little bitch was covered in the mouth by a giant dick At the end of the scene the actress was once again exposed to a large amount of sperm Paola groaned again and I heard a clanging sound I looked down and my girlfriend was happy fingering herself Her elegant dress skirt slid up to her waist and her thong was pushed down to her knees I wanted to fuck him up on the spot but I was fascinated by the view so I listened quietly despite my erection
Paola's always been a passionate cocksucker Even though he was a big-time corporate lawyer in bed he definitely liked to be dominated Who knows maybe because he was so strong and dominant in the outside world it was nice for him at home to become the object of passion Which was perfect for me; I was in charge of our sex life and he was happy to satisfy me It's not like he didn't take his share of the pleasure: he usually came in a series
On TV there was another scene similar to the previous one but this time when the girl got her fix on her face she turned around and there was the second tail and then the third Paola was breathing more and more moaning more and more deeply He reached into his bag and took out a big natural phallus-looking dildo stroked himself a little bit and then he shoved the dildo up his ass I thought he was gonna fuck himself with it but when it was wet he pulled it out and started sucking it On TV the girl was getting the third dose on her face then the fourth and Paola was watching her strained while she was putting the dildo in her mouth and stroking her clitoris
I quietly took off my jacket and tie unbuttoned my shirt came out of my shoes So I went around the couch in my pants Paola was scared instinctively trying to cover herself but I ordered him to continue and I knelt between his legs I licked her dripping pussy It was all wet and wet all over my mouth and my chin While I was pleasuring her clit with my tongue I had my fingers pinch her nipples which made her moans deep her hips tense to my face I reached up and took his hand pressed it against the dildo and shoved it in his mouth Paola groaned and pushed his cunt even harder on my face
I excited his clitoris until he was ready to enjoy it His whole body trembled his little pussy fluttered wildly around my tongue Before I knew it his back was stretched and he came crying I pulled the dildo out of his mouth shoved it deep into his pussy and then I continued sucking on his wet clitoris In the meantime I ordered him to tell me what's on TV
- A girl on her knees sucking the cock of a giant Negro The Negro grabs her hair she's got red hair and freckles he pulls his head over her groin by the hair He's gonna fuck his mouth and now - Paula moaned now he's got a big kick in the girl's face covered in his mouth and eyes going into her hair
- Scene two: she's just getting undressed very sexy slowly showing her breasts just as small as mine She's got a short schoolgirl skirt and nothing underneath His pussy lips are swollen now he's got a man's hand between his legs Well well - my girl's gonna be quiet for a second he starts fingering her ass She's gonna get down on her knees hold his dick in her hand lick the Acorn around taste the precursor
Paola was pushing her hips to the dildo and my tongue His voice was monotonous he described to me every single scene how the sperm came out and how it flooded the young porn star's mouth
- It's an Asian woman's turn this is a real bukkake scene Her panties were still on but she took off her bra got down on her knees and put a silver tray under her chin He's got dozens of guys standing around in their underwear and now they're pulling their dicks out and beating them in front of him Now comes the first time the jizz slowly drips down her face Next thing you know it's coming on her face all this stuff coming down on her One more guy comes at her it's not that strong now it's another one it's a big batch it's dripping from her lips onto the tray Now they're showing everything from the bottom Oh yeah there's dozens more guys coming; they're all gonna cum on her Oh man


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