MBP0093 – Hungry Boy with Stephen Harte

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The next day I woke up very hard I didn't even know where I was for a long time before I realized that I still had my sister's panties on my face and that was like two minutes later
Then I heard a faint knock on the door and I quickly took the panties off my head and hid them under my blanket and the door was open and my mother came in:
- Good Morning son did you sleep well?
 It was a beautiful night not just part of the sleep
- Well stop it you don't have to deal with it all the time what happened forget it
- No way as long as I get my dick up I'll always think about it maybe even after
"It is enough" said he sitting at the edge of my bed with a feigned rage " it is past nine o'clock it is time to get up"
- As usual I've been up for a long time at least part of me - I looked down on the bulging blanket
- My dear boy one day you'll get hurt because of your restless cock - she smiled
 So far all I have to thank him for is good things like last night I had the best blow job of my life
'Don't be so vulgar my child' she said with some shame in her eyes and in her confusion put her hand on my standing cock
- See that's what a mother is who always knows what her son needs
At that moment the door opened and the sister ran in:
- I didn't leave him here- he got hung up when he saw mom was in the room - so the thing's not important
She was wearing a T-shirt that hit her mid-thigh her breasts almost pierced the thin fabric
His eyes ran through us and his eyes caught on mom's hand:
- Good Morning - Good Morning - he cut himself out nice and neat
He quickly turned and walked towards the door and it became apparent that he was not wearing panties his round butt smirked at us from under the shirt
- Hold on Miss - why are you walking around without your panties?
- I'm not wandering around  I don't think it bothers anyone does it brother? "and with a quick motion he took the two sides of the T-shirt with his two hands and raised it up to the waist as he himself looked to see if he could see the whole of it"
- Not me - I answered after a big gulp because my mouth was completely dry
- Cover yourself up you don't have to show off we've all seen it
"That's it" said the little girl looking at her memories still holding the T - shirt high rubbing her thighs together seeing a little moisture glistening at the edge of her lips " besides you're holding your son's dick in comparison to my lack of panties but that's what it was like now isn't it?"
- Come on you cheeky bastard - my mother jumped up and headed for her daughter
- Come to breakfast son - he turned back towards me but he saw that I was in no condition to use I was just thinking how wonderful it feels to have my mother's hand on my dick and watch my sister's pussy and how it ended so quickly - Are you there?
- Yeah sure I'll come down later
Then he put the door behind him and my room became quiet again
I was sinking into my thoughts but of course the calm didn't last long because the door opened slowly and my sister stuck her head in:
- He's not here can I come in? - he asked softly
I nodded what could I do:
- You should knock next time
- Am I interrupting something?
- No but who knows?
- Do you have a thing for mom? - and his face was completely stunned
- Yeah I'm hot and I'm hot
 Was it so good the other day or do you like older people or what? - he asked a thousand at a timeas the thoughts rolled up
 It doesn't matter how old you are it matters if you feel any excitement around them And yes I owe him the biggest orgasm of my life  of course I've been listening to charity talk about how it doesn't match the case he knows about
- God what do I have to do to get this title? But there's definitely something about my mom because just now when I thought about her kissing my pussy I got wet and I thought it was gonna come out of me and it was a good thing she threw me out
 We'll work on it don't worry - I smiled at him and he smiled
- Now tell me why you're here and then go get some breakfast ' cause they're gonna miss you
'As you can see' he sat down on the edge of my bed and put his right foot up again showing me his now - wet pussy which from the motion was completely open and showed me red and bloody inviting-no panties I left them yesterday probably at your place and this morning I found out that I didn't bring another one so I would quickly wash them and dry them by noon until then I could wear my bikini underwear So you have it?
- Of course I have it but it's a mortgageyou only get it back when you complete a task


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