Levi Michaels and Darius Ferdynand Flip Fuck – Scene 1

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He called me I can't believe it His memory still lives in me like it was yesterday It's been three years since we had a wonderful night together I can still taste it in my mouth feel its touch on my skin its breath on my neck But then we couldn't see each other anymore and he's married and he didn't want any complications I've been living off his memory for a long time And now he's calling me After three years I feel like I'm jumping out of my skin my heart is racing my smile won't leave my face I want to run now run far away fly caress my body with the cool wind Oh my God It's five o'clock and we'll meet at 7: 30 in front of the movie I need to get ready right away I'm gonna get in the shower and let the hot water flow through my body I need to calm down until thenI can't just stand there like a teenager with trembling hands and a cramp in my stomach I'll shave myself I'm gonna put some shaving cream in my hand and spread the foam all over my pussy What a delicious foam :) I'll take the razor God my hands are still shaking I'll try gently gently Take it easy take it easy I'm going to the movies but there's no one there I'm here where is he? Suddenly a car horn blows right next to me Oh my God My heart is racing The car door opens and he gets out She smiles at me with her sweet charming smile her movements with pure strength virility and casual elegance
- Hi - hi I hope I didn't scare you You're all white Now you're red - and he laughs and kisses me on the cheek
- Hi - hi You scared the shit out of me with that Horn
 Well for the big scare let's have a drink somewhere nearby I already bought the tickets and we've got like 25 minutes You open the car door for me and I'll get in As I go along I calm down slowly there's a feeling of intimacy and I quickly take over his style and we laugh By the time we get back to the movies we're gonna have to run ' cause we're a little late for the beginning But that's okay I'm with him We're sitting in the last row thank god there aren't many of us It's a pretty small room anyway because the movie's over it's only played here We sit next to each other and his shoulder touches me I can feel his warm body next to me I can feel the heat I just want to throw myself at him kiss him on the lips caress him hug him bite him But I'm just sitting here trying to make contact on as much body as I can I accidentally throw my knee at him accidentally put my hand on our joint armrest where his hand rests We'll look at this have fun The movie's starting While we're watching it properly I can't help but bend my head over your shoulder He's watching the movie Oh dear god I think it's best if I lean forward because no one's sitting in front of me so I'm going to lean on the back of the chair Well then maybe I can separate you from him a little bit I'm gonna lean forward and try to focus on the movie It's starting to look pretty goodit's a really good movie it's funny All of a sudden I feel like he's rubbing my back My blood starts running through my veins and my heart starts pounding so hard it just jumps out of my chest I'm not moving I can'tI can't I dare not He's resting his hand on my back Now I really can't listen Do something honey Do it or I'll go crazy It's been a long time Then he moves his hand up my back caress I can't help myself He slides his hand up my back to my neck digs into my hair then grabs it and starts pulling my head backwards
- Come here dear - whisper in a faint whisper He pulls my head to you and kisses me I'm gonna kiss you like crazy Too much heat because he's surprised
- Hey hey hey Don't eat it - and he's smiling I love the way he smiles He looks me in the eye and I can feel that no matter how hard I tried to hide it he can see right through me My throat is closing and I can see that superiority smile in your eyes How nice He holds my head in his hands and kisses me again Now he puts his tongue in my mouth and the room starts spinning around me Again I'm just too excited because it's starting to shush me
- Take it easy Just relax We're in a movie theater We're gonna be the show you're so intense Come sit on my lap But only if you promise to behave yourself
- I'll be a good girl  I'm gonna sit on his lap and sit back My back is lying down on your chest my head is on your shoulder your mouth is right at my neck He kisses me and he puts his arm around my waist Then he starts sliding his hand down my thighs He pulls them apart and pushes them out of his own thighs Then he pulls his legs apart and my thighs are trapped between the legs of the chair and his thighs in this open state It's a very exciting situation Then he gently grabs my hands and drives them back behind him Then something pops


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