Getting pounded by sexy married Jason

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The first cock I ever saw in my life belonged to my father I accidentally walked in on her while she was taking a bath It was a large hairy tool made complete by two ball bags larger than plums Freud would have written a paper on me if he'd talked to me In any case I realized one thing: I was jealous of him because his big dick made mine look like a tiny tiny tail
The second time was summer vacation with me We were on vacation at Lake Balaton and for some reason I woke up early I quietly snuck out of our bungalow and went to climb Mount Tihanyi to watch the sunrise from the top I was walking up a deserted path towards cave dwellings when I heard a strange noise In one of them my mother was on her hands and knees on a blanket "More Moremore Fuck my ass"He moaned as our host's penis went in and out of his butt
After I found out about how I wanted to know why As soon as I got home I went to the bathroom and with my fingers soapy I gently began to caress my asshole It was very difficult for me to relax and my finger slipped into my butt At first I just felt this weird tension like when I had to take a dump but then I touched something in there and my dick was standing right at attention Now I was working in stereo spoiling my dick with one hand and two fingers in my ass I really enjoyed it
I couldn't wait to go home and share my discovery with Aunt Laura Neighbors along with her husband bought the house next door to us shortly after what we call ganging up I went to them a lot first on my mother's orders to practice German then on Uncle Helmuth's special Commodore 486 computer bathe in their pool She Of course hated it when I called her "aunt" was a woman older than my mother with big tits that were always coming out of her clothes I didn't need a Playboy to masturbate I just thought about it I adored him not only because he sometimes caressed me hugged me kissed me but because everything could be talked to I smoked my first cigarette at his place he showed me how to kiss – unfortunately he didn't do it with me he did it with his husband – and he even taught me how to dance
Like a whirlwind Lying on the porch in a silk robe that doesn't cover much Next to him in a translucent tiny bikini my classmate was sitting on a Reka When he saw me he went red There was a reason for it and her underwear was more ornament for she showed me everything: her pointed little nipples and a triangle between her legs
"Hello Dani" said Laura " come and give me a kiss"
When I leaned over it it was hot The kiss wasn't on my face it was on my lips I sat next to him with a red face and a hard-ass dick Then Reka jumped up:
- I have to go now
"Pity" said Our host - You left your clothes inside Are you coming tomorrow?
'Of course' replied the little girl and after a quick kiss she disappeared into the House
- She's hot huh? - Laura turned to me
– Yeah I moaned
- I love her sweet cheeks but her tits are as hard as your dick when you saw her So tell me How was Lake Balaton?
- Cool I won a trip to pest And of course I've been in more water than dry
– Did you see a lot of naked girls?
- Not really no But I watched my mom get laid
'I told you peeping isn't nice' he raised his eyebrows
"It was an accident" I said " and he didn't do it with daddy he did it with another man"
"Yes" she shook her head " your mother is a very generous woman …
"But" I interrupted " it is not with whom that matters but how" He stuck it in his butt
- Some people do
- You too?
"But you're a little curious" he stroked my head " I like it in a sandwich one dick in my pussy one in my ass That's heavenly
"There's more" I said
"Come on" he said as he embraced me " you know you can tell me anything
- I wanted to see what it was like and I tried it With my finger And – I hesitated-I enjoyed it Maybe I'm gay?
"Then you wouldn't have a dick" he laughed " every time you see my tits It's natural for men to touch their prostate You can only be bisexual
- What's that like?
- Like when both sides of the bread were buttered That's easy to check
- How do you do that?
- It's simple You're trying to suck my husband's Dick Helmuth - He screamed before I could interrupt
Helmuth was a skinny balding guy For a guy who's over 50 he didn't have a drop of extra fat on his body


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