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It's a nice summer afternoon and after lunch I'm going to the beach There's a faint breeze blowing and it cools you good it's ideal beach time There is only a small part of the lake in the opening of the dense reed bed where there is also the exit and the boat rental
I notice two ladies walking in front of me packing beach bags mats and looking for the right place for themselves One of them is older and I suspect the girl's mother The girl's light-brown skin fits perfectly with the pale blue bikini which emphasizes her slightly chubby but seductively full figure In its beautiful spheres the little triangle is exquisitely stretched which tied to the side in a thin band arouses a mischievous thought in the spectator I just hope he doesn't get as fat as his mother over the years but he's still in his prime Her bra has two triangles and you can see that they're only needed for propriety In their wide-brimmed straw hats they provide a very picturesque view
I'll settle down a few feet from them and position myself on the mother side so I can get into her sight When he takes off his sunglasses I can catch his eye
We look together and he stares at mine The blue eyes are giving me a throbbing energy that gives me goosebumps When she opens her lips to a barely perceptible smile I go to them and introduce myself
They'll take you kindly and we'll talk After a few minutes of small talk I'll buy them a little boat ride The mother explicitly apologizes for being afraid of the water but she lets her daughter go with me saying she can't be here until 5: 00 at the latest because she has plans
I helped Aniko and sat her down in the back of the boat I asked him to guide us while we were out in the pool because we had to row with our backs to the front
Aniko enjoyed her role and when we passed the bathrobe clinging to the edge of the boat leaning slightly back she gave herself to the sunlight and to my beautiful eyes Her long brown hair was caught in the wind and I was already in the company of a very sexy mermaid From here to the left of our beach there were Resorts lined up and before them the water stood at the back of the crowd of bathers In the other direction as far as the eye could see the green stripe of the reeds ran along
I turned towards it and slowly approaching the shore we grew further away from the noisy crowd Slowly all that was heard was the soft sound of the waves crashing against the ship and the stillness of the light wind
Aniko noticed the new direction with a sweet smile and slowly carried her mesmerizing gaze over me
 I can't believe you managed to win my mother's trust because when I was dating a boy she rarely let me go with him and I had to be home by 7: 00 at the latest He didn't last long "Now if we are not too late to return then perhaps I can come with you again" he said and I saw in his eyes the gleam of joy excitement and anticipation as his eyes kept returning to my trousers
That look suddenly made me hot my excitement increased and the visible consequence immediately came to me Aniko's eyes swelled out licked her lips and between her legs in the middle of her bikini a smudge turned darker blue
I put the oars down I took his hand and then he leaned over and we kissed In his eyes now the fire of desire was burning and I quickly turned the boat towards the reeds and as we approached the wet spot between his legs grew more and more
We got in the thick with a small blow and when the boat got stuck we got up Aniko came to me and I felt her trembling with desire I had to hold him tight because he was losing his strength
"Fortunately we don't have to hurry we have an hour and a half" I said hoarse with excitement and we began to kiss slowly and sensually
I slowly undid the straps and everything fell off The round tits were hard the nipples were pointed at me and when I caressed her hot body she pulled down my pants
When my tail slid between his legs he closed it and began to sway his hips closely with his thighs In no time everything was swimming in the moisture and when he reached from behind and I felt his hand clutching me to his hot pussy I couldn't take it anymore and I flooded his Palm At that moment he was shaken and our hot water mixed together dripping down our legs
Suddenly we were so weak we had to sit down immediately
Aniko sat face-first on my lap and with her slippery hand began to rub gently on my tool which was soon to grow again
"I felt that you were above average so you must use it very delicately with me" he said and there was a mixture of anxiety in his eyes


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