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6 Part B
The world is on the outside
"Final round"that was throbbing in me as I left the finish line of three thousand and six hundred - "Blow now Come on let's go”
I set my monotonous rhythm to a higher degree and fixed my eyes firmly in front of me I could barely hear the crowd screaming as I left the wheezing Miskolc driver and then my teammate I could just feel Levi staring at my back and he could almost shake the thought out of his trembling lungs and the heat of the Heat gave me a jelly in my brain "go Win it”
I was running At three hundred there was four more at two hundred there was only one man before me I didn't even try to pass the curve until we made the home stretch Another stage my muscles are like burning metal fibers pumping throbbing pain into my brain There's no stopping
Through the blood-red mist I can see the bleachers built around the stadium Kati is bouncing around Zsolti is hanging from the bars like a giant monkey He's screaming with his mouth full but I can't hear what he's saying It's just a flash of light as I can see shaking the bars like a dizzy orangutan
My mother's on her feet He stands beside Zsolti with his left hand on my brother's calf his right hand in front of his mouth watching with his eyes wide open
That's when I realize I can win the 4000 meters The finish line is in front of me my family is behind me and then all of a sudden the rage of the environment blows into my brain The only people who can understand that are the Greek Olympians or who have participated in the competition The narrow world expands and in the final seconds all our senses our eyes our sense of smell our hearing will be enhanced I was satisfied that when I came to the end of the race next to the driver of the race in Debrecen the stench and laughter of his sweaty Poles made me grin and burst into my throat hearing his rhythmic wheezing
Fifty yards and I put him behind me in 2 and then I pulled into 1 so if he had any spare he'd have to go around But it wasn't I was the first to break the finish line throw me in the air with an arm face unarticulated roar in the rapture of triumph
"Slow down You win Stop the car You're a winner”
Uncle Nicholas is running towards me holding the flag of the Szeged You yell in his face I take the flag and I go for another ride My coach is right behind me I can hear his palms clattering I can feel the triumphal sweat glistening on my face; the crowd is furious and more and more companions join me and they will join me in this rapture After the last corner I see my family again: Zsolti shakes her hand to the sky my mother cries and Kati
White light summer dress It draws its shape He suspects a lot but he doesn't promise anything but I remember the promise made in the shed And in the blue eyes the oath-like phrase " I want to feel both my brothers inside me"
Tonight we're in Sin Do it again
It's a miracle the thought of my legs not sticking together and not just falling in I'm running through the finish line after the victory lap I raise the flag with slow steps and then I almost fall to my knees when uncle Nicholas comes running at me from behind Hands grab my feet and lift me up
- You did it - he screams with his foaming mouth as he lifts my right foot on his shoulder On the other side uncle Nicholas is furious with pleasure:
- I love you I love you Ákos Ákos Ow
It's like a dizzy wolf howling But the crowd takes over the chanting standing ovation: at this moment it looks like the whole stadium was cheering for me Only this glorious name is heard throughout:
- M-bye-ros A-Aries M-bye-ros A-Aries
My coach and my teammate are spinning around with me My former competitors clap standing up bitter lights in their eyes yet I feel like they're rooting for me: if they don't at least I should bring glory to our country For a moment I see the committee too sweating at the table in a suit and costume arguing smiling waving
At this moment it explodes in my face: I can represent Hungary in the 2012 London Olympics in the long run
I raise the light-blue flag with a coat of arms and while the triumph in my soul screams a concert of pride I myself as a lion am celebrating my own victory with spit
I can't even hear the announcement from the PA minutes later that I've qualified for the Games My head is pounding I'm gasping for air I'm falling into a well-known weakness I want to sit down and drink water and I know I'm not supposed to I'll be on the ground slowly holding my aching side to accept my congratulations
Zsolti blows up in the picture yelling something but my ears are ringing I don't understand He grieves me then gives me to my mother; he kisses me in the face and interestingly I hear his teary-teased whisper:
- My little boy at the London Olympics


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