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I've never really been attracted to men
I went to high school as a skinny little girl I was shy and childish and my classmates didn't care about anything but boys I didn't understand any of this It seemed to me that the boys were of an alien race They were rough unpredictable terrifying I tried to feel affection for them to discover sympathy for myself but I couldn't I was repulsed by their bodies their witless jokes their whole being I couldn't place my classmates ' adoration their whole attitude towards these Martians I couldn't share their enthusiasm and all I wanted was to be like these girls The other sex for me was a kind of mystery I didn't really want to solve at the time
It was one of the last days of winter break
I was studying with my best friend Viki this afternoon We were in fourth grade high school and we were preparing for our history test after the break We settled down in my girlfriend's living room unpacked the items and books on the comfy couch and on the smoke glass tab of the little coffee table They didn't mind that kind of mess
After a few hours of intensive study we started to get tired Around the evening there was an informal chat party over the notes on the display Kati was trying to learn a new play for the piano exam while she commented on the conversation just like her father did from behind the newspaper Nikol Viki's younger sister listened to us with unspoken interest I had a good time with them I was almost like family to them
The evening was in a good mood FECO Viki's dad made us some dinner and after we ate we went on TV and watched an forgettable comedy Later on we found something more demanding - an art film on "Royal Television" - but only two of us watched it with Viki The girls went to sleep and FECO retired to the study for a beer in a can The movie ended around midnight It was time for us to go to sleep too
As we entered Viki's penthouse we almost froze for a moment and then we looked at each other astonished and we all laughed at each other at the same time The room was freezing my girlfriend forgot to come up this afternoon to turn on the heat We left the door open to see if it would make things better Viki made up for her omission then took two nightgowns out of the dresser drawer and held one of them out to me
- Do you have anything warmer? "I asked in a desperate voice as I looked at the lovely satin nightgown with spaghetti straps" I longed to think of my left-at-home very hated flannel pajamas
 What kind of granny panties are you trying to wear? - he asked with false indignation - Don't be picky I've got one just like it - he showed me his This is all Viki had since she was able to buy her own underwear
We let the bathtub fill with hot water that we could barely stand The temperature of the water was only unpleasant for the first time then within a minute or two our skin became used to it
I got in the tub first I washed my thighs then my upper body with scented water and then I was comfortable I sat back carefully and watched Vicki He stood in front of the large mirror engraved with the edge of Venice with his back to me his hips against the sink She wore her long hair loose with some tiny plastic buckles She had thick wavy hairand I liked combing and organizing Viki would love it if I had time to think about her hair
She washed the makeup off her face and then she came out of her pretty pastel-coloured cotton top Vicki liked to wear nice things at home He still turned his back but the mirror let him see from the waist up from the front
I didn't want to look the other way I couldn't look away Vicki knew I was watching her I could see in the reflection of his face that little smirk which could have been called provocative if he presented it in a company of boys She slowly slid the two thin white silk straps off her shoulders and then she reached back and unhooked the buckle of her bra She pressed her palms against her breasts the spongy baskets and lifted the underwear off her Like the sculptor who removes the plaster mold from the statue already made Viki had a sculptural body: classic beauty finely crafted flawless-perfect in short
Vicki after she took off her bra she smoothed her tight belly with her palm and then her hands settled under her breast With the arches of his thumb and forefinger he pressed the two elastic Hills slightly up He slowly turned left and right so he could look at himself from the side Then as if his thumbs had accidentally migrated to the faintly pigmented areoles they settled on the slightly darker nipples Vicki seemed to be posing for the mirror and herself but we both knew that we both felt that this game wasn't for the reflection()


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