Hyperventilation (Russian subtittles)

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I worked at the law firm three weeks ago In fact I've never been entrusted with anything significant and I knew I was a novice and I was a woman of the kind of "mall Kitty" Oh and single of course
I didn't get back from one meeting until about 6: 00 pm I had no idea what the case was about All I knew was that a 25-year-old girl was accused of robbery The girl was arrested in an orange-footed prison uniform escorted by police in handcuffs the whole time
When I got back to the office my boss Steve was still there
- If you're on your way home I'll give you a ride - he offered I said yes just because I knew we didn't live too far apart My car was in the shop and my boss knew that because I told him this morning I had some personal business to take care of
In the car he told me he had to go up and check a highly anticipated personal e-mail All I knew about him was that he lived alone so it seemed logical that no one would look at him send his messages
- Anything interesting today? - he said " template"
 NothingI was just at the robbery girl's trial
- And? - you asked me what I didn't know
- It was strange for a fragile young girl to be carried around in handcuffs and prison clothes - I answered objectively
- Well if you're under arrest that's how you do it regardless of gender age or anything else
- Yeah but it was weird for me I've never seen anything like it and I thought " What if I did?" One minute you're free the next you're handcuffed to my wrist Especially since he's been locked up for six months - I did I got it from myself: no hairdressers beauticians relatively recent fashion attire Just yesterday I was at a hair and nail salon taking a look at my three-inch nails decorated with silver stars on a red background Not to mention sex life
- I know the girl I defended him for a while too and I imagine how humiliating this must be for him Plus she was a pretty decorative girl when she got in
When he arrived at the apartment he asked me if I would go upstairs and look at a bachelor pad Why not I thought so
Entering the apartment Steve told me to feel at home and he left me in the simple tastefully furnished living room In my stilettos I walked gently on the apparently freshly laid floor I had been looking at the most valuable books on the collapsing bookshelf for about five minutes when one book the size of a lexicon was lifted and I was electrocuted Under the large book a metallic object flashed For a few seconds I didn't even realize what it was and then I realized the image and the metallic ringing sound It was a complete hand-foot handcuff combination It was just like when I saw the handcuffs on the girl you brought to trial
That's when Steve entered the living room
- What Do You got Lisa? Is that my favorite toy? - he asked sarcastically
- Uh-huh I was just looking at the books and accidentallyuh-huh - I tried to explain myself completely without success In the meantime I had the "toy"in my hand
- You want to try it on? That's what you were talking about Now you'll know how it feels You deserve to be punished anyway You're so pretty and provocative it's a sex crime  At the end of the sentence Steve came up to me and took the cuffs out of my hand but with that gesture he opened one hand and the other hand of his favorite "wristband" I didn't know that if you just kept clicking on the serrated part of the handcuffs you wouldn't need a key you could flip it and you could use it If it doesn't have like a wrist
My curiosity overcame my fear and surprise I reached out with a smile but that wasn't enough
 You don't think I'm gonna handcuff a nosy bad girl like you in front of me do you? "Steve said in a tone of no objection but at this moment the cuffs on my left wrist were snapped" With that move he stepped behind me and taking my right hand twisted it backwards and then clicked on it the twin bracelet
- Steve This onethis onethis one - I was gasping for air Of course it was nice to feel the cool touch of metal and it was exciting to hear the metallic click
 You're lucky you're not under arrestlike six months ago I see you've just been in maintenance you're a beautiful prisoner I don't have any prison clothes
At this point he was crouching behind me reaching up to my skirt with his hands above my knees and caressing my body-coloured legs with thigh-high stockings from my bottom I couldn't move because he stepped on the hanging chain On reaching down on my feet he clicked on my ankles the shackles
How could I be so stupid? I'm standing here in handcuffs in front of my boss and he can practically do whatever he wants with me By the way I got wet when the cuffs hit both my hands and then smoothed my legs I was half out of my mind at the time()


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