Twinks Milo Milis and Robert Hall swamping sides for anal

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I got a new job I ended up in a three-table room with a little wannabe but very pretty girl and a middle-aged guy The guy looked awesome Decent grayish temples tall Broad shoulders But the point is he seemed like a good lover
I can spot good lovers at 100 paces and I always try them out
If the other girl by the way was in there or was working or we were talking about normal things but when she went out for something Pityu and I went straight to discussing sexual problems As usual I spoke with complete sincerity about the issues raised thus stimulating the interest of Pityu more and more
- You look like a guy-he laughed the other day
- Well do you mind? - I looked at him from behind the computer monitor
- No in fact "You know I have a sexual dream about you" she said and she blushed slightly
- what is it?  I asked him and I got out of the chair and I went around my desk and I sat on the edge With my slender legs crossed I waited for an answer First Pityu grazed his eyes on me then he said it softly his eyes down:
 I want you to blow me under the table while I'm talking to Eva
I had a good laugh but I felt something move inside me I stood up and went to the door I opened it and I saw Eve turning at the end of the Hall
I quickly closed the door and ran to Pityu's table
"He comes" I said flushed and Pityu turned from the table with the spinning chair and I hid under the table Pityu carefully pulled himself in front of me All I have left is to unzip his zipper and pull out his red-swollen tool It was a nice size Eve put the door behind her when I slowly sensuously licked the cock that pricked before me and then pulled the skin back on her and swallowed it Pityu moaned
- What's the matter with you? - Eve asked
'Nothing my feet are splitting' said Pityu with a slight trembling voice and taking hold of my hair he began to control me gently
- What about your husband? - you asked Eve And he started on his favorite subject
 He's ignoring me againI think he's cheating on me again
- Why don't you get him back? "Pityu asked and pushed my head deeper on his tail"
 If I'm cheating on her I'm trying something kinky Yeah the internet is full of fake guys
- Have you tried it? - I felt Pityu looking down at me
"I went once but he was a single - shot man" said Eva I stopped for a second because I was wondering if this girl can count to a yard Pityu reached out to me urgently When I started sucking again I sensed the taste of his secretions which turned me on I wanted him to come in my mouth so I went on slowly lustily circling the acorn with my tongue Pityu groaned again
- Is it that bad? Do you want me to massage it?
"No no" said Pityu slowing down my pace - You were only with that one guy?
- No one more but it was like that Pompous and no tax
"I told you who to start with" said Pityu
- With you of all people? "I will not go on them but I will give pleasure to those who ask and I will receive it" he caressed my face with kindness
"Stupid" Eva answered taking up her usual female Hedgehog position and stormed out
Pityu pulled my head back His tool was already throbbing heavily close to coming
"Let me finish" I said
- Nobecause you're not getting any He came and stuffed his dick back into his jeans and helped me out from under the table He drew me to him and sweetly filled my entire mouth he kissed me and then he took my hand and he dragged me with him We went to the ladies ' room into the first stall Pityu kissed me again his hand caressed my waist hips and then he put on my black miniskirt and he grabbed my lace panties which was very wet
- Get on your knees for me - he said and he put the top down I did and he began to caress the delicate lace from behind my already demanding entrance


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