Emo Nathan Stratus shares lollipop with young cocksucker

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He wants another drink He grabbed the glass by touching my hand It makes me tense Why are you playing with fire?
But he won't settle for that because soon he'll be snuggling up with me The alcohol made me emboldened too so I put my arms around him and I pull him in and I stroke him by his hair
He lets me hold him he doesn't slip out of my arms he doesn't try to keep his distance like he always does I can feel myself shaking with the smell of her hair the touch of her hair This isn't right…
I look at his teary face and he tries to turn away and apologize for how miserable he feels I'll let him know right away that it's not I'll take his face I'll lift his head and I'll wipe him with my thumbs by his eyes Her makeup's a little offI'll wipe it under her eyes As I look at him I feel the urge and the alcohol burning inside me It overrides my common sense and I feel like I'm not interested in any consequences I'm not afraid of anything or that I might lose her and she won't talk to me anymore
I'll kiss you It does not keep its head down nor does it open its mouth willingly before my somewhat hesitant tongue In a few moments we'll be kissing more fiercely holding me by the neck passionately He puts his head back so I can kiss his neck I'm happy to do this love her tenderly caress her kiss her pamper her I love spoiling the woman I'm with I'm not one of those selfish machosthat's why they appreciate it
The clothes are falling off one by one and soon after that she's stroking my naked back clutching my shoulder I rub it all over her body it gives me goosebumps when I touch her Her body tells me every second that she's enjoying what I'm doing to herhe's not faking ithe's not faking it Your body shakes involuntarily you can't fake it I want it desperately now that it's in my arms even more than I've ever wanted it I'm gonna kiss you sensuouslyand then down further her hips move towards me and she's pressing into my hair
He sighs heavily moans over my hot blows Even my ex-girlfriend (plus some other girls) commented that I use my tongue very well so I move with confidence in this area He seems to be enjoying it too with his body wavering grabbing my hair and at some point he starts gasping for air He's tense and I feel like he's gonna leave soon so I'm gonna hook him up especially at the points where I felt good for him Soon he'll be enjoying a big one slowly ringing I watch with my eyes clouded with desire there's nothing better than licking a fine woman until she's ecstatic But he doesn't seem to calm down he pulls me in and kisses me he's passionate about my mouth and he catches up with my tongue which I just gave him pleasure I like this insatiable it excites me even more I spread his legs more so I could get to him I can feel him reaching down and touching my dick He slides it all over his drooling pussy covered in SAP sensual but definitely petting me I can't wait any longernext time I pull my dick in we're gonna moan as I go in I shake the feeling stop and kiss her to get some time and not cum right away He's clasping his legs across my waist pulling them close to him with this I'm going to rub your thighs start to move I can feel his muscles holding me tight I've never seen a woman do that before
We'll go riding he'll take over I'm gonna rub your waist and grab your hips He kisses me in the neck and then he gets off me and kisses me all over my body It reaches the point that's been moving in it and closing it between its lips It makes me moan when he treats me like a bloody professional
"I'm leaving right now if you don't stop" I'm trying to understand the words with the little air I had in my lungs And then he stops starts kissing my stomach and then he lies next to me I can't get enough of it…
I'm gonna go in from behind on my side I'm going to rub down on your hip grab it a little more forcefully grab it and go faster
"You are so good to me" I moan in his ear almost unintentionally delirious as my hands slip on his breasts She's got big full breastsI have to touch them As I move in it I have these wonderful piles in my palm and it gives me total blur in my head I can't take it anymore…
Soon I'll be enjoying myself like I've never had with a total fog in my brain on my back and just trying to catch my breath
I'm gonna tuck us in with a blanket kicked at the end of the bed and then I'm gonna hug him and pull him to me I don't want to let her goI don't want her to go
My whole body was completely overwhelmed by the intoxication of pleasing satisfaction
He came to me and I really thought he was mine That from now on she'll leave her boyfriend and be with me


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